Swords and Backpacks


Thank you all, huge help!


season 2 stage 1 is the best place to farm backpacks for newer players. not to hard, 6 energy, and gives 3 to 6 backpacks.

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Not that I don’t believe you… but are you sure you’ve got the correct level there?

I just spent a few hundred gems on WE refills to test it out and only got 18 backpacks for 99 WE, which works out to 1 pack per 5.5 WE.

Of course that’s a very small sample and I could just be having a bit of bad luck…


pretty sure he meant S2 1-9 hard, and if he didn’t, he should have :wink:

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Ah… that would make sense. Tried that level out and got 20 backpacks for 70 WE, so that’s 1 pack per 3.5 WE. Much better.

I’ve found I get the same or better from S1 5-8, so I think I’ll stay there. Maybe it’s all in my head, but gambling 3 WE at a time as opposed to 10 WE at time seems less risky to me.


awwww crap I do not. I’m sorry. 1-9, not 10-9.


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It’s all good. Thanks for clearing that up!


Guys Season 2 province 1 episode 2 is crazy backpack heavy and is only 6 energy per fight. Its rare I dont get at least one. Usually it is 2-4. Yesterday I got 5 in 1 shot. I feeding a level 5 and have more trouble keeping up with food and recruits than backpacks. My recent problem is the swords. Anyone know a sword heavy level?


Check out this table which gives the best levels overall, and for Season 1 and 2 individually, for all non-farmable materials, heroes and experience points.


So far, I’ve found the recommended levels are all as advertised.

1-9 Hard, for example, regularly gives me 7 backpacks. Yesterday, I did it three times and got 7 packs each time.


I’ve never gotten over 5 and several zeroes from about 30 attempts. I guess it is like hero pulls :slight_smile:

I wonder if anyone has done an analysis of what the best “hero levelling mission” is. i.e. which level has the best “here-backpack-sword” ratio with the weights for backpacks and swords based on 1* vs 1-2* level heroes etc.

Seems it would be 5-8 or Season 2 somewhere in province 1 but who knows…


If you can get all the backpacks your heart desires, you have no use for swords.