Switching place in active war

Hi all,

Just wondering how is it possible for our members to switch places on war table during active war???

Just saw that our two members switched place they were one to other in horizontal line. :smile:

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It just happened again. 10 minutes after first post entire upper part of war table switched!?

Hi, war formation is affected by player ranks inside the alliance. Any of them were promoted or degraded?


No, during last half hour nobody was promoted or downgraded. I get that this can effect war board but this just happened on its own.


Someone left the alliance? Someone got in?
Earthquake? Sorry about this last one, couldn’t help myself :sweat:

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Aside from promoting/demoting, I’ve seen it happen a couple of times (before there was an update to fix it?).

Our members were switching quite often during the war in that instance and it was quite confusing. I haven’t seen it since that one war or two.

Same here, we only have co-leaders, so not about rank. It might be a bigger consparicy, the only 2 europeans in our army are always in last line too, though being the strongest :upside_down_face:

Haha, nobody got kicked. I got no solution for this. I think maybe Cat got his special on. :smile: :smile:

Likely someone’s war defense changed TP by heroes getting lvl, emblems or troops lvl.

I changed positions twice last war, once when I gave emblems, second time when I lvled the defense troop.

Either of these changes might be from another member having TP charges too.


These seems to be the latest info on the subject

Hope it helps :relieved:


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