Switching costumes without affecting tournament defense team

Not sure if this is working as intended or a bug
I was setting my defense team for the next tournament and was switching between normal Carver and his costume version to compare stats. Then something interesting happened.

If you click on the ? instead of the Edit Team button, you can switch and Equip costumes without changing the defense team

The tournament defense team remains the same, but in the hero roster the costumed version is shown as equipped. I’ve tested using him on maps and it is the costumed version

When you try to edit the tournament defense team again, you’ll get this. The only way to switch now is to remove CB Carver and replace with cCarver (even though there’s only one copy and they are the same hero)

Anyone else seen this before? Or has this always been there?

Edit : Edited for clarity

When you click the ‘?’ it calls up the hero card. You can switch the display between uncostumed and costumed without affecting the hero unless you hit ‘Equip’, just like in the hero roster. The Edit Team button you are switching between heroes. The ‘?’ button you are switching between states for the same hero.

:thinking: interesting.

Given that this thread hasn’t been updated [Master] Costume Changing Bug - Changing a Costume Elsewhere During Preparation Phase affects War / Tournament Defence Team - #48 by deltauno

and that there isn’t anything in the recent release notes, I’m guessing it might be a bug.

Having said that, I kinda welcome it as a nice bug :p. I think it’s the well-needed change as mentioned in the link. It helps that we could set which costumes we want in tournaments without having it affecting our daily usage of the hero (for eg. emblem quests/challenge events etc.)

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Yeah. Whenever I use cWu Kong in tournaments, I have to keep reminding myself to switch after using the CB version for titans.

And in a recent war, I was stuck with a CB Vivica instead of cVivica because I used the non costume version in Underwild

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But is it a bug or you mixing up the two heroes?

You have CB Carver on your team. You click ‘Edit Team’ and you would actually change the hero on your team to C. Carver. You click ‘?’ and you are looking at the card for CB Carver and switching back and forth between the two versions for that hero. Unless you click ‘Equip’ on the costume, the hero on the team remains as CB Carver.

You later use C. Carver on the map, but it was likely the original C.Carver. Did you not also still have a CB Carver on your bench?

No. It’s just one hero. If you Equip the costume version using the ? from the tournament screen, it stays that way in the roster but not in the tournament.

I’ll post a video later

Yeah I’ve tested it on my account too with C.Bane and CB.Bane and it is as what @Liam_K mentioned - changing the hero costumes outside now doesn’t affect the tournament defense arrangement, and you’ll have to manually change it in the tournament defense through ‘Edit team’.

Ok, I stand corrected. I just tried this with my Dawa. I put her on tournament team and changed to uncostumed with the ? button. When I went into the hero roster she was still costumed.

And I apologize, I thought you had two different heroes you were switching back and forth with ‘Edit Team’.

Very interesting indeed.


Aah, when I went back in to change her back to costumed she was displaying as costumed on the team and uncostumed in the roster. Then I went to change her on the roster and she showed up as costumed already.

Looks like a visual bug.

Double-check which version shows up as ‘Equipped’ through the ‘?’ button on your team.

ohhh :thinking:

you’ve got a point too @nevarmaor . Without clicking into ‘Edit team’ and equipping the costume solely from ‘?’ in the tournament defense page, the costume doesn’t change even though it shows the costume being equipped :thinking: (after reading Liam’s post again and again - I realised this was what Liam is pointing out - sorry for being repetitive!)

the ‘equip’ description still says that it affects all teams in the roster, so maybe unfortunately :joy: it could be a visual bug.


Yeah, and there’s no way of testing it unless someone you know attacks your defense during the tournament.

The raid defense screen doesn’t show the same behaviour. The costume is always changed even when using the ?

@Petri can you have this looked into?

  1. I had C.Dawa on my raid tournament defense. Using the ‘?’ button on the hero I changed her to CB Dawa.

  2. I exited out and clicked on the Hero Roster and saw I had C.Dawa still.

  3. I went into the raid tournament defense and saw that I had C.Dawa on my team now and CB Dawa on my roster. When I clicked on ‘?’ Dawa was still equipped as C.Dawa. After exiting everything looked as it should.

  4. Some time later I double-checked and I had CB Dawa on my raid tournament defense and C. Dawa on my roster. I removed CB Dawa and added C.Dawa using Edit Team.

There seems to be something wrong in the coordination of heroes between roster and raid tournament teams where costumes are concerned.

There have been several “feature request” threads about similar things, for example my own: Allow player to freely choose hero costume separately for each team

I think that this issues is one of the most annoying ones in E&P. Especially tournament and war defenses “not sticking” before being locked down at start. But also, e.g., normal raid defense changing, playing class challenges changing everything where the hero used was, etc. And also the in-ability to just create multiple team “presets” for different uses, each using either vanilla or costumed version.

But still, what is immensely more important, is that tournament and war defenses do not change once set. (I do not think they change after the tournament / war actually starts. If they do, then that is rare bug?)

EDIT: Sorry I read the above posts maybe too quickly. If there are also differences in behavior depending on where the costume is changed, then those are also probably bugs. Or if there are issues with “right copy” of duplicate heroes sticking in the defense…

It’s a bit confusing to describe using only words so I’ve attached a video.

Basically, currently known/expected behavior of costumed heroes in tournaments is

  • During Preparation phase, costume state is not locked and equipping/unequipping the costume in any screen will instantly be reflected in the Tournament Defense Team. There can only be one costume state for a hero regardless of where he/she is used.
  • Once the tournament has begun, the costume state is locked and changing it in any outside screen will not change the Defense any longer

However, there seems to be a specific way of changing costume without affecting the Tournament Defense Team during Preparation Phase

In the video, I have set cCarver as the tank of my Tournament Defense Team

  1. Open the hero card by clicking the ? on the top right corner of cCarver’s image
  2. Switch to non-costume Carver and Equip
  3. Close the hero card
  4. Tournament defense is still ‘locked’ and showing cCarver, but in the hero roster is regular Carver. And you can use the regular Carver for Farming, etc seemingly without affecting the Tournament Defense Team.

There are 3 possibilities here

  1. This is an undocumented feature (which is cool but highly improbable)
  2. It’s a bug and the player shouldn’t be able to set 2 different costume states for the same hero during Preparation Phase
  3. It’s a visual bug and the Tournament Defense Team is showing the wrong version of Carver. This is probably the worst case scenario since I won’t know I’m setting the wrong version
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Thank you for the report! We’ll investigate this issue here.

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