Switched phones,dont have the acc number.help anyone?

Hey.I’m sorry if this kind of post is allready here(did search, didnt find similar)
Our leader gor a new phone…went from apple to samsung…erased all data on old phone,and he doesnt know his acc number…he is a P2P player so there must be some way to get the acc to the new phone?
Any help is wellcome…
Thank in addvance

@Kerridoc what do you think?

Take any iPhone, log in, look for Acc-ID, then switch to Android.
First you have to get your ID - otherwise it’ll be difficult.

I had something similar happened to me. I recommend opening a Support ticket. If he remembers some detail about his acct, then they should be able to help recover for for him.

also have him check this link regarding lost account.


Thank you.
Just send him this and he send the ticket…
Thanks again.

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