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I’ve searched through the forum but didn’t found a definitive answer.

I’ve been playing on an company iPhone quite a while, connected with the company Apple ID and Game Center account. As I left the company and bought the iPhone from them now I want to connect with my own Apple ID. But every time I do I loose my progress and the game will start over. If I connect with the old company ID I get my progress back. Is there really no way to switch the Apple ID while keeping game progress? I fear I will leave progress or backup once the company decides to change the password of it’s account.

I opened a support ticket with SG but they answered they can’t help because:

“We cannot change an email address associated with your Game Center. Small Giant Games does not store any personal player information on our servers. This includes access to player Apple ID (Game Center) details, email or credentials.”

I don’t want to change the email address, just sign out the old Apple ID and sign in with my own while keeping game progress.

Thanks for any ideas.

BR, Fil

Better switch to android asap. I suggest getting a tablet.

Have tried with BlueStacks but the game doesn’t start. It stays in the SG splash screen indefinitely.


SGG does not save game information.

Game saves are locked behind Apple’s Game center system ( and Android’s Google Play ).

Changing it would be very very difficult for SGG.


Is your account linked to a Facebook account?

Support should be able to move a Facebook linked account from one Apple ID to another Apple ID.

It will most likely require access to both email accounts work, and personal ( old Apple ID and new Apple ID )

But if I log out from Game Center with the old account and don’t log in with a new one I don’t loose progress. So it seems the progress is stored on the device as well?

Unfortunately I doesn’t have Facebook. I could create an FB account, but I don’t have access to the old email account as well.

Is it possible to transfer the game progress to a Android device and then transfer it back to the other Apple ID?

Thanks for your ideas. Your postings were a great value to me in the past. :slightly_smiling_face:

I believe this is incorrect . You don’t give access of your company data to 3rd party unless you partnered with them for a specific service.

If Google/apple has to store game data of millions of game data of billion players I can’t imagine how much storage is required and the cost required . It also doesn’t provide any benefits to them when we have many games which are developed by new developers and the once which doesn’t yield an income.

The game data is stored by developers and it’s linked to apple/Google accounts. Developers can change the link from one ID to another ( after authorization) but not the email ID associated to the play account (which is responsibility of Google/apple) .

Save file

Unfortunately, Yes.

It is only backed up / synced on Game Center/ Google Play.

So if you lose your device, without a backup ( Game center/ Google play ), you lose everything ( before some changes, people were even EDITING the device save file ).

Old email

That rules out that idea.

If you get this fixed, I strongly advise a Facebook link.

I only use my Facebook account to link to Empires.


I do not know.


Google Play

At least a transfer to Google Play would give you more time since you are worried about the work Game center password.

Google Play and Facebook ( together they fight crime)

If it transfers to Google Play, but not back to your personal Game center, you could then

Link the Google Play save to Facebook

Contact support using the Facebook link and the Google Play game save email.


Both devices need access to the same WiFi


Seems to be a simple encrypted WiFi handshake ( which is actually a nice way to check both devices are physically present at the same location).

You can even continue to play it on both devices BUT turn off automatic update on Android since Apple always updates later and mixed versions can be a problem


You are welcome.

Thank you for the kind words.

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Seemless play

You could be right.

But in the past, Apple / Google provided this service to sell devices.

It lets you play a game on your iPhone, your iPad, your desktop Mac ( if Mac compatible) and your laptop Mac Air while syncing your progress across all the Apple / Android devices instead of having separate game progress on four devices.


I do not know if it is a dedicated storage.


It does not necessarily require additional storage.

Both Apple/ Google give me X GB free with my Apple ID and my Gmail.

When this storage is full I have to delete stuff or pay for more storage.

Short answer
Nothing will change

Long answer
SGG does not have to cheat.

Because of merciless RNG, the house ALWAYS wins.

That is why casinos will HOST poker games, with players paying for the tournament prizes, but not actually risk the casino 's money in poker games.

Once you understand SGG was going bankrupt when they created Empires, Season 3 summons, Path of Seasonal Events, er Valor, Costume chamber and HotM make perfect sense.

So my advice is, if merciless RNG annoys you power level Sigrunn.

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Hello,please help me…I don’t know what to do…I lost my phone whit all the data and the game…now I needed to make another iCloud account and download the game again but it’s strart from zero…:(,what I need to do to recover my account…please… and I have new email…[email removed by moderator],my Nick name it’s wolfy whit a wolf picture and I have 43level,I am in the aliance Strong and beauty…whit Mikey boy,Combostrike,Gabriel…the big players…please help me

Hi @Wolfy2, welcome to the Forum!

Sorry to hear you lost your phone.

I’ve removed your email address from your post, as no one on the Forum can help with account issues, and I didn’t want your personal email address posted on the Forum for anyone to have, since it won’t be of help here.

You can contact Small Giant Support for help with your account issues, instructions are here: How to Contact Support (v1.9.7 onwards)

Ideally you need to log into your existing iCloud account that your game is already attached to, but Support can help you recover your account if you have to make a new iCloud account.

These articles may help you too:

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I might have to switch to an iPhone too. So basically after migrating to my new iphone, my E&P account will be linked to my Apple ID and no longer to my google play ID, right ?

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