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Hello guys i need help. Today i switch my system from iOS to Android and i want to move all my progress to it. I sent the reguest they sent me email that its solved but its not… what can i do ?? HEEEELP

Syncing your account to Facebook instead of gmail on your androids then try to use your Facebook on the IOS.
It might work.

The point is i dont have my ios device… on small giant forum they say that i need my new account signed in to the same facebook account and i did that then sent request… i spend so much money on that account…

https://support.smallgiantgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005197265-I-want-to-move-my-progress-to-a-new-device i did everything like they say to do here

So on your ios you were sync to Facebook? Can you try to open it with Facebook on any other IOS device, maybe its a matter of your new device!

Yes i was… i dont have any other ios device. Do you know how i can contact some moderator of the game to get helo from them ?

Do you have any screenshots of your account with the ID number? it may works with the support to recover, as a prove that you are the owner of it.

I do have screen with my account id number my profress and event alliance i belong to

@Rook … Rook may help you.

How can i contact them for recovery ?

Please do :slight_smile:

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@EmpiresPuzzles here is a Staff too

I have to text them or they gonna see the topic when you tag them

They will notice the tag and they will be more experinced to answer you than me .
Rook is a MOD
and Empire is a Staff.
So Hopefully your problem will be fixed soon.
Best wishes buddy.

Thanks for your help !

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Always my friend
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Are they often online ? … I wont go sleep till i get my account back !:slight_smile:

Well I never asked @Rook and get responses late.

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Hi there!

Here’s the progression:


Now, if you have followed all the instructions and are having issues, you will want to contact Game Support. (If you have received an email from them on this topic, you can reply to this email. Otherwise, you’ll need this info to contact them):


Can you please help me contact them? Cause only thing i can do i sent another request to transfer my progression i dont see any email to them