Switch costume/classic hero from "edit team" screen

I’ve greatly appreciated the costume feature introduction, but i found a little annoying to be not able to switch beetween classic and costume version of an hero while i’m selecting the team for a battle.
…and when i turn an hero into his costume version to levelup him, the next time i use a team with this hero i go to battle with his unleveled version.

You can actually do that by clicking on the :grey_question: icon on the hero once it’s on the team:

There’s already an update coming soon that allows leveling a Costume without Equipping it, so you can feed it without having to actually put it on.


you are a light in the dark :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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When is soon? Just plain annoying picking the weak costume because it looks so similar to the original one.

Are you asking about the update I mentioned, that allows leveling a Costume without Equipping it? That was already released.

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