Swipe left or right to view roster by color

It would be much easier to view my roster if I could swipe side to side rather than endlessly scrolling down to get to the end of my 182 slot roster.
For instance, when tapping on “Heroes” icon, you would be greeted with your team rosters. Swipe left to view your purple, swipe again to view yellow etc. Or have the teams as the last screen. Or better yet, allow players to determine the order of their screens/colors. Keep the current “sort by” options for each.

If u have limited roster then its easy what about if u have tones of hero lol

I use https://heroplan.io/ to make viewing my roster easy. it takes a little effort to set up and maintain, but works very well.

Of course it would be better to have an in-game solution, but this works pretty well for me with added functionality. this is what it looks like for me (there are additional filters/sorting options):

Filters would be great but we will never have them.
Also other stuff like sort by stats.

There are filters in the roster, you know. You just have to scroll through the whole roster to find the section you want. The arrows in the upper left corner gives you the filter options. And the filtering system retains the teams, so you might have to empty your teams or remember which members of your teams fit the filters…

My idea of filter:

  • Select heroes by colour
  • Select heroes by rarity
  • Select heroes by ability
  • Select heroes by Def (value, threshold, interval)
  • Select heroes by IsCostumed
  • Select heroes by IsMaxLevel
  • Select heroes by IsMaxSkill
  • Select heroes by HasRegEx in Name
  • Select heroes by HasRegEx in SkillDescription

But more than everything, my idea of filter is that I don’t have to frigging see all those who don’t match my filter.

You weren’t specific :woman_shrugging:

Some of your filters are too specific for the developers to be inclined to provide anytime in the next decade, probably. I would maintain my own Excel/Google Sheets file if I were you.

Heroplan has the following types of filters, IF you’re interested:

It’s not about being specific.
Sorting is simply not filtering.

I spend too much time on worksheets already, there is no chance in hell I will do it for a game.
E&P feels like work enough without the need of an office suite.

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