Swimming in ascended (or close to ascending) fighters, who should get emblems?

So, because I haven’t been paying enough attention to classes, and have just been looking at the Hero grades at AnchorGamed.com Hero Grades - Google Sheets, I have ascended, or am closing in on finishing:

Poseidon 4/80/5
Magni 4/80/1
Tyr 4/80/1
G. Panther 4/80
Delilah 4/76
Misandra 4/1
Kingston 3/70

I also have Boldtusk sitting at 4/70/10, Colen at 4/70/3, Rudolph and Valen at 3/50/6 and Gato at 3/50/4. As a result, I currently only have 5 fighter emblems. but I do have 17 reset buttons. So, is it time to reset, and just concentrate on one or two heros, or should I leave well-enough alone, and just forge ahead from here? And if the latter, who is most deserving of future emblems?

People are gonna need a lot more info for a proper suggestion. Who else do you use for attack team, who’s on your defense team etc.

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I usually use 5-stacks for raids and AWs:

Dark (L-R): Panther 4/80, Kunchen 4/80/4, Ursena 4/80/4, Seshat 4/80/9, Proteus 4/70/4
Fire: Colen 4/70/3, Tyr 4/80/1, Mitsuko 4/80/5, Marjana 4/80/3, Boldtusk 4/70/10
Holy: Mist 4/70/7, Delilah 4/76, Poseidon 4/80/5. Joon 4/80/7, Jackal 4/70/19
Ice: Triton 4/70/2, Kiril 4/70/4, Vela 4/61, Magni 4/80/1, Grimm 4/70/12
Nature: Lianna 4/80/2, Lady of the Lake 4/80/1, Melendor cos 4/70/18, Caedmon 4/70/6, Zeline 3/70

For Titans I’ll usually remove a hero and stick in Miki 4/1. For Defense, I currently roll with:

Poseidon, Lady of the Lake, Ursena, Mitsuko, Seshat. Not a perfect rainbow, but I don’t feel like I have a strong enough Ice hero to replace Seshat.

I personally wouldn’t spread emblems to so many heroes although if you were going to do that, fighter class would probably be the best class to do so with.

I would probably strip BT, Colen, Valen, Gato and give all emblems to Poseidon since he’s on your defense team. Eventually you can re-emblem heroes you like (once you get Poseidon pretty highly emblemed) so that they have a chance at reviving. BT and Delilah are not bad fighter class heroes to emblem since they are healers and if they revive when they have full mana, they can make quite a difference to the outcome of a match. Tyr is also an interesting revive hero who can become quite annoying since his special also revives. The only 5* hero out of your fighters I probably wouldn’t consider embleming is G.Panther.