Swedish in-game errors



There’s a ton of errors and it has even made me level up the wrong heroes. It’s not minor like wrong spelling but rather writing attack instead of defense and all targets instead of single targets.

Would you prefer a list here in the forum, a pm or a support ticket in game (feedback category?)


Hi @Shenjairo, you can share the list here!


Was going to post this yesterday but got fed up with the lack of Swedish adjectives that doesn’t sound silly when used in rpg’s :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s start with the big ones that need a change as soon as possible.

Gormek, Grimm and Tiburtus all say that they lower attack in the Swedish translation when they in fact lower defense, so should be ‘och får -34 % försvar i 6 rundor’.

Bane and Joon say that they hit all enemies. I would change it to ‘En enskild fiende tar 300 % direkt och blir sämre på att träffa i 4 rundor’.

The Turtle Banner is messed up, you kinda think it gives 25 % attack and defense for 4 rounds. It only gives defense so should say ‘Alla hjältar får +25 % försvar i 4 rundor’.

Ok, moving on to less severe problems. Not everything here needs to change but mentioning it and then up to you.

The two top healing potions are using the same name in Swedish ‘Kraftigt helande brygd’. That would be the Potent Healing Potion. I don’t know what you should call the top healing potion, possibly ‘Fantastiskt helande brygd’ (fantastic healing potion). Whatever you decide on the top mana potion should be the same since in the English version you don’t use Potent for mana potions. If you decide to use Toppen or Jättebra for anything concerning potions I may give up the Swedish version and use only English :smile:

Swedish use mainly small letters and for most of the text it’s correctly used, but I would change these:
Kiril uses a big A in Attack, should be attack.
Wu Kong has a big S in Specialförmåga, Kadilen as an exempel has a small s which is correct.

I forgot about Kadilen since I mentioned her above so editing her in here. Kinda looks like she’s the only one that gets the bonus against special abilities. I suggest ‘…skada direkt och alla allierade får +74 %…’.

Two recent heroes has slightly confusing text, need to add something. Suggestion below.
Khagan - ‘…tar mindre skada och allierade i närheten skapar…’
Domitia - Right now it looks like the target and the ones around it lose their bonuses while I believe it only applies to the target. If so it should read ‘En enskild fiende tar 375 % skada direkt och tar bort dess bonusar, dessutom…’.

Caedmon, Sonya and Tyrum are missing the ‘and (och)’ in Swedish. ’…skada direkt och alla fienders…’.

Hu Tao and Justice - Nothing is wrong here but I would personally streamline their text to look more like the new single target text suggested above ‘och blir sämre på att träffa i 4 rundor’.

And last and certainly least I’m just not a fan of calling the antidotes in their Swedish plural form Motgifter. I would just rather change it to their singular form Motgift and Kraftigt motgift. If you want the plural form the better one should be Kraftiga motgifter.

Edit for Tuesday: The training camp tells you it’s training fire heroes when you train nature heroes. Should be Naturhjältar, not Eldhjältar.


@Petri, see above corrections to Swedish version of the game.

Thanks Shenjairo!


Thank you so much @Shenjairo for providing the detailed list, we have now fixed these translation errors and they should be resolved in the upcoming update.


Thanks for even using Swedish, it’s not that common in games.

Mistakes are easy to make, I hope you saw I made one myself. For Joon and Bane I forgot the word ‘skada’. En enskild fiende tar 300 % skada direkt och blir sämre på att träffa i 4 rundor.