Swearing filter is too sensitive


I typed in a chat about a team’s hit points. That’s “team apostrophe s”, then the words “hit points”.

This was blocked presumably as the system ignored the space and saw sh followed by it.

I think that’s overly sensitive and made me look like I was swearing, rather than making a normal comment.


Tried to abbreviate stronghold 17 as sh 17. Censored that. Sh 17. I know what it looks like but still.


I think it’s sad that such aggressive censoring is necessary. If you don’t think so, you haven’t spent long enough in GC (where young and creative minds overcome the censor daily and in all directions). :wink:


Yes, general chat can sometimes be full of shining wits.


In most games censor filter is simply a toggle. Are you bothered with swear words? Leave it on. Do you want to see what people actually type? Turn it off. Works like a charm everywhere.


I’m used to a censor, honestly, though I must admit this is the strongest I’ve encountered.