Swapping assention items only between members in your alliance

Hi I’ve been reading about the suggestion of swapping hero’s in alliance’s but I’m not sure about that, that issue may cause a few problems with new and inexperienced plays having much to much power and not earning that said power, but it would be a good idea to be able to swap assention items I believe as in my peticular alliance we have members who have been waiting for a specific item for months just to help them level up one hero including myself , I don’t know what the long term issues could be for the game but , it seems that only the more experienced players who have earned the respect and experience seem to be waiting long periods of time for 1 or 2 specific items to get past that level of 4 / 70 on the last level to 4/ 80 I’ve been waiting for some items for 3 months or more now and when they come up in special offers like most of us I don’t have £30 or more to spend when you buy the smaller special offers from the developers on a regular basis , if I bought every special offer ,I would need a bank to fund it and the specific items I need don’t come up in every offer in any case thanks ,and please consider my idea with regards .

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