Swap the game from internal memory to and external one

Hi, my phone’s memory is almost full. I though I had this game installed in my external card but somehow it looks like it is using a lot of my phone’s memory instead.
I remember there was a thread explaining how to swap the location of this game from the phone memory to a card memory. But I cannot find it as it is a very old thread.
Does anyone know how to do it without ruining the game’s performance or having useless duplicates?
It would be good if there was a E&P tutorial so that the information doesn’t get buried in old threads.

I don’t think it’s possible. Try clearing the cache (from app info). There might get stored the ads data (in case you’re watching the ads).

Edit: Jesus! Half GB of data from such a small game?! The devs are doing a bad job when it comes to performance improvements.

Have a look here

@ChoppedLiver, you still alive?

I just remembered how to. If you have Android, in Android Settings.
Go to apps. Look for E&P. Then you open the storage section. I will allow to change it to a memory card.

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@Celwern, thats exactly how you do it. I do it all the time, with no performance issues.

Just realize this:
Everytime you update the game, it will move it back to internal memory, and you will have to move it back to external memory to clear space.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

You may also want to got through any other applications that you may have, and see if you can move them too.

… *checks* … I suppose it’s relative, but yep :slight_smile:



seems like the OP resolved the problem anyway, but I’m glad you’re still around

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Thanks! I’ve been doing that. :smiley:

Zombies are known for storing memory’s!

Solution: Gift me your brain! Grr phone

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Even after running for hours, the footprint on my tablet is dependant on a number of factors. E&P has crappy housekeeping routines; the app only seems to react to the headroom issue when it has punctured the ceiling. They have worked on this but it is becoming unreliable and flaky never the less.

Half a GB you say? :grimacing:

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Don’t want to be mean but it may be time to upgrade your phone if half a GB is a problem. This game is fine really, certainly no memory hog. Thanks to this thread though I may uninstall a few games. I have 6 games taking up more space than this and 5 of them I don’t even play any longer.

It wouldn’t be a situation where you upgrade your phone for only this game. It would help with storage for pictures/movies too. I wouldn’t like to go ‘memory hunting’ now and then and move things to the cloud because I only have space for 1/4th of my pictures on the phone.

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You can move this app to an SD card on almost all phones. I don’t want to say all, because I had an alliance mate that couldn’t do it a while ago.

I will say that if you have issues moving apps to the SD card and you have a Samsung phone, that the problem is likely the Samsung brand. Many apps that can be moved to SD normally have issues doing it on a Samsung phone, depending on your SD card’s format. Some LG phones also have the issue. See this link if needed:

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Thanks to all!
Changing mobiles is a bored. I can’t keep up with comparing prices, models and marks. So I usually don’t change my mobile until it gets really, really broken.
Problem is sometimes I run out of memory on the phone. But that helps me control and clean up unused apps. Just this game takes a lot of time. Can’t imagine playing 5 different games.

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I understand. I used to be in the cell industry ( mroe accounting than tech, but know stuff), so I get a bunch of questions.

I’d recommend trying to figure out what apps you can move to SD card one by one, so you know what is movable, and go from there.

My current phone is my first & will be last Samsung phone.

E&P takes up just 56 MB according to the update; it’s a messy housekeeper, just totally quit the app once per day. You’ll secretly love it :thinking:

I have changed my mobile. Newest android version doesn’t allow to switch apps from internal to external memories. So you need to buy a phone with lots and lots of internal storage capability.

Yes, it is an issue with Android itself (read Google) not liking external memory.

Note also, moving the app to external memory only ever moved certain parts of it there (usually data and/or supporting libraries). A good chunk of the program always stayed in the internal memory as it needs to be there to actually execute in Android. I remember moving one program under Android 4(?) and only 50k of 100M moved.

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