Swap Scarlett to Gormek

I’m thinking to change Scarlett with Gormek because Scarlett is very week and she is tier 3/55 and Gormek is tier 2/18 but as I saw on life is better than Scarlett now,so should I do or not?? I go crazy because in almost every battle she dies with no question fiest and she don’t eaven have a time to strike one time so I just want to change her with Gormek.

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Go with Gormek max him over Scarlett he has better use especially on titans

No, don’t listen to that. Scarlett is way better. Gormek is a meat shield. Scarlett is an assassin.

Well I‘m talking my experience. I have every normal red 4* maxed, would I use Scarlett in defense? No. Gormek? Yes. Green Titan? Gormek is mandatory especially when you do not have wilbur. Scarlett? High tile damage is great I always use her but she dies like an ant. Raids? Both are usefull but I dont use either of them. Events? Defdown (Gormek) is more usefull than Attack debuffer (Scarlett).

Its not black/white. Both have their place. Everybody has their opinion. Better listen to different opinions and decide for yourself. But don‘t follow advices like „do not this / do not listen to that“ etc. @Nemessis

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Man she dies as a flee and she hase no time to strike at all almost all the time and with Gormek maybe his strike is not as good as Scarlett but live more

Nah Scarlett hits so hard. Gormek just kinda flicks people. Who cares if he lives through one more hit than Scarlett, he’s just a pillow. Scarlett has an attack stat of 1500ish paired with boldtusk and my 4* troop for her. She’s a beast. Fast mana, just an assassin. Gormek is only used for one thing and that’s defence debuff, but only if red is a necessary color to bring. Red has a better option for that called Wilbur. Red doesn’t have a 4* hitter like Scarlett and neither does any other color in 4* category. Her attack stat is better than a ton of 5* heroes even. What’s more, -34% attack of a maxed 5* hero lowers their attack to essentially a 2/60 5* hero. Scarlett is dope. Gormek is ok

In the pulverizer triplets, Gormek is the weakest. Grimm hits the hardest and is the softest. Gormek hits the softest and is the most survivable. Tiburtus is middle ground, decent hit and decent defense stats. Does Gormek have a specialty with his pillow cushion stats? Not at all. But Scarlett certainly has a specialty. She hits hard. And fast. As well as reducing 5* heroes effectiveness down significantly.

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As you can see. Your opinion is skewed towards Scarlett - mine towards Gormek (mainly because my main Focus is titans). Both have their place. Both are usefull. Both should be maxed (unless Wilbur comes in). One addition. Scarletts special hits pretty soft with 100%/200%/100%. One reason I don‘t like her so much but her tile dmg is huge without a doubt

Just for you. Look at that attack stat at fast mana. She’s a killer.

I use Scarlett on 10* and 11* titans, I assure you she’s better than Gormek.

I use her even on 12* but where is the point discussing attack boost from Boldtudk / fighting 11* titan / 4* troops blabla. He is an absolute beginner. Prbably everything out of reach…,

I don‘t want to face any titan without a pulverizer. Do you?

100% if the question is “which do I level, Gormek or Scarlett” the better option is Scarlett. Scarlett can’t be replaced in a red lineup but Gormek can. Further than that, Scarlett can’t be replaced in ANY offensive lineup of 4* Gormek is an afterthought.

Maybe you should think in smaller steps but nevermind. I hope he choses wisely;) im out

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That’s my team attack so those characters are at hiest level,what you think about?Screenshot_20181206-233426

I’m wondering if you have a better option in purple, maybe a 4* like Rigard or Tiburtus or Sabina or Proteus.

It’s also difficult for me to imagine a situation where a rainbow team is used for attack…

That’s my full rosterScreenshot_20181206-234828 Screenshot_20181206-234839 all I have

Your answer should’ve been followed by a mic drop, and then the thread ended. :smile:

I’ve got both maxed; both have their place. I find now I’m using Gormek more overall. One nice thing about Scarlett’s really high tile damage - one of her best features - is that when she dies, you still have it.

Anyway, not sure a lot more words are going to be useful. @Nemessis honestly it sounds like you’ve been decided from the start, not even sure if you posted to get different viewpoints or info, or just confirmation of what you’re already thinking?

I think it would be good to read @Maaeetz’s post, one more time.


if you still hesitate, leave Scarlet and Gormek in 3/60 until you get another red hero :wink:

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