Suzuna – 5* Ice / Blue - May 2023 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

Thank you so much and thanks for the input… I appreciate it🙏

Yeah that’s what I also had in mind… Currently I need the strong and helpful heros, mostly for alliance wars. So Bubbles seems perfect for candidate number one on that

That’s really insightful🙏
Much appreciated bro

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As FTP, you don’t have the choice to be choosy. It’s also the perfect time to use them so you get to appreciate these types of heroes. As you get to know more mechanics and nuances in this game, you are not swayed to the stigma of heroes like

  • heal 3
  • snipers

being bad. Because there are tons of such heroes that are great in their own way. Even to the point where you stop using them, you still understand and appreciate what they do.


Just wanted to note that Celidana and the nearby she overheals can’t have their health reduced for 5 turns, so she’ll resist the balance changes.

We need a new point under „Where is the hero best used“ the missing poll alternativ should be „SE or HA10“

Happy gaming


I hear you, makes a lot of sense too what you just said… I’m not really being choosy though, just being thrifty in my spending on very limited resources that i have, mats to be precise. Right now, whatever hero I choose to give the mats to, must be a really good one and help me to grow or even assist me too collect more mats to ascend others. I’m not abandoning Suzuna, but I’m just prioritizing Bubbles to be levelled first. Perhaps Suzuna will be on my second team

And artwork collection

Imagine that there are many 4* better than 5* HERO OF THE MONTH.

What a fair this game is :poop:

I think she is better than people are giving her credit for. Forget the healing, it is the reflect that is the reason to use her. 3 of 5 reflecting Alfrike is possibly worth using her alone in rush wars. Sure she is a mediocre HotM but I’d ascend her before my Klaern and Balur.