Suspicious tile colour replacements

I went 4/6 in the war. Two sets of bad boards, three average to good, one great board that got me a one-shot with my by-far weakest team (second-string mono blue against blue tank).

In past wars I have gone 6/6 and 0/6 one-shots. All par for the course.

I went 5/6 during this war with my best board came when using a my last team of blue mono team of below 3rd level héros against à Blue tank and 2 green flanks, opposing team was about 800tp stronger and I got a massive combo after my third move and wiped out 3 of theirs in one move, killed the rest with my fully charged team and in 4 moves the opponents where gonners.
Boards range from extremely bad to extremely amazing and everything in between, it’s never changed.

My losing team was a rainbow team of maxed+# of 5* s against an opponent only 150tp less than mine and the boards where that bad I didn’t even get a chance to build up mana on a single hero and I was being killed as easily as if I’d gone in with 2* heroes. Go figure.

I thought the same thing until a few hours later and I’m staring at a almost perfect curve. Damn you statistics always proving me wrong, guess I’ll have another Guinness.

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Board rigging has become progressively worse as the profit-driven nature of the game increased. Titan boards have been become so skewed to the weak color that stacking is actually a hindrance now. Strong color tile appearance rates have plunged to under 5% consistently across all titan colors. RNG is clearly skewed to the weak color(s) with ratio running 5(strong):50(weak):15®:15(B):15(G) fighting YP and 20:20:5(strong):40(weak):15(same) fighting RGB. Data collected across two devices and 150 titan battles.
Zynga wants you buying gems and other battle items, so the progressive erosion of native hitting power has been slowly and perceptibly nerfed over months. This is totally expected in a profit-driven system, what is frustrating is the denial that tiles are skewed. The shills bleat how it’s all random and shout down anyone claiming otherwise; they seem to think they are the only ones who can count or perform statistical analysis. RNG’s are easily programmed to give the desired “Random” outcome - billions of slot machine profits show how well RNGs work - give up the rare win and rake in the profit the other 90% of the time.

The game is skewed on titans, raids, and HOTM/Event hero pulls to push players to buy buy buy so they can get an edge on beating the skewed system. For those with deep pockets, hope you enjoy fattening the executive paychecks because they are the only ones winning in this rigged system.

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this is amazing! you have data? can we see it?

LOL I wish we could.

oh, and both of my F2P alts (not a cent spent in almost a year) got Tellies - with a 3rd epic hero token used and the very first one. yes, I am bragging, because I couldnt be happier. and if this is their insidious plan to push me to buy buy buy, then they must not be very smart - why would I buy if I already got the most coveted tank in the game? lol

Have you done analysis on raids and hotm/event pulls as well? I would love to see the data. I’ve only run small samples on my own raid data and have remained within standard deviation.

Just had a 20x Combo, 90 tile replacements, zero in my stacked color. Completely charged the other team, all of whom were nearly dead, and lost.

Oh, this didn’t just happen once. It happens every day in every aspect of the game.

Again, we know there’s fraud occurring, all I ask is a QoL improvement that lets us skip battles that are already lost.

starts War fight
popup “All your heroes are red, and there are only 2 red tiles in the next 800, would you like to continue?”

Man that would make this game better…when the game knows you lose, don’t make it waste my time.

EDIT: There’s no reason it should always do this. After you select your team and hit Raid or whatever, a popup tells you the number of your tiles in the first 100. That would make the game so much better, and stop wasting people’s precious time when it knows it’s wasted.

Btw. Real problem with this game is not the lack of tiles in stacked color or other conspiracy etc. It is that stacking became the only way to play offensive raids, wars, tournaments, events etc to manage a decent successful rate.

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Just played 4-color raid 3x, all three boards started with at least 11 of the off color. First board, the only play was off color so I made a gemstone. 5 replaced by 3 more off-color, so I smash the gemstone and the 9 off-color on the board were replaced by 12 off-color. All three raids in a row went like that.

SGG, please allow us to skip these encounters, otherwise you’re just stealing time and creating bad feelings. If you know it, so should we.

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