Suspicious tile colour replacements

And what’s the idea? Because this is the category you chose. Besides, you opened earlier another thread to complain about your Joon (not June), because takes damage when you fire his special. And you fired against perfect riposte… So, first of all you should learn the most basic staff about this game…

Moved to general discussion… but theres a possible merge @littleKAF @DaveCozy :smile:


Merged, thank you :heart:


First of all I wasn’t complaining, I was merely asking a question to which I got some some fair explanatory answers. And secondly I was stating that “Counter attack” should be more a deflection to be more clear to new comers.
Stupid me I thought by hitting the wrong hero they would hit ‘with the hit being visible’ back with a higher %.

You are WRONG end of story, It is NOT “Stupid me I thought by hitting the wrong hero they would hit ‘with the hit being visible’ back with a higher %.” it is ONLY I did NOT know better. And now you do. For any other questions feel free to ask, there is MANY people on here that will help as best they can.

Where did @Garanwyn go??

I’m convinced that some forum posts are made just because…

He’s taking a personal break. He will be back when he’s ready.

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I just played an AW match lasted 14 rounds and not one match up for sabina. She was last hero standing and only then did I get matches. Way too late.

Its tiresome, frustrating, consistent and makes you want avoid pvp. People need to vent. If it never happens, ppl wouldnt post about it.

The paradox: If it never happens, it’s not random.

As long as it remains random, it will happen with (over sufficiently large numbers) predictable frequency.

As long as it remains random, people will complain it’s not random. Predictably.


The part of this that I can’t get over is how do you get through an AW single attack in just 14 rounds? On cleanup I can understand but against 5 heroes? How do you do it? Mine regularly take 10 minutes plus unless I’m feeling rushed and then my performance suffers. Of course there are matchups where my team was badly picked (and the bad boards that we all get) but then, I rarely mind if I take two flags to finish off a superior opponent (I just don’t have 6 great teams); a good team and a cleanup crew that just never needs to be anywhere near as strong. Just ghost away and take them one by one.:slightly_smiling_face:

You can still have randomness with frequency of occurrences that has been manipulated.

@sft1965 it’s possible. It’s hard to explain, but if you dont get many combos, each time you fill a little of one opponents mana. Then by bouncing from left to right, u can easily go 8ish rounds without the defense mana being built. Not that I was doing this by choice, just how the board came to me. So my statement was about the round I finally had my last hero killed. I do t think I killed one of them which is sad.

Now, here is a random number generator SS. I selected 12 turns, 3 tiles per turn. 1-5 in color. Point is, this is random generated.

So in all, the devs want to make the game challenging and to do so, they need make it harder for you to overpower the defense. Imagine if I could have unlimited healing. all they would need do is tweak the percentages of appearance rate of the tiles and they would still be “random”. I’ve noticed that certain heroes have this phenomenon, such as hel or inari. Both there skills would be OP if u made them go off all the time.

Interesting that ‘random’ produces lineups that for a match 3, look pretty favourable. :slightly_smiling_face:I’m aware of that, that the RNG is actually a PRNG that reacts to to team setup with consistency as a primary goal although every now and then a freakish board shows up like one where I was playing Return to Molovia and got an opening board with 16 purples; totally useless, but still bizarre. On the other hand I have been practising stacking vs Titans and have noticed some interesting correlations in that if I stack any given colour (primarily RGB not so much YP) that the opening board punishes a 4 stack leaving a lot of cleanup but as I reduce the stack to a 2,1,1,1 my scores remain virtually the same (I don’t have a WuKong) but one out of 6 attacks will reward me with a notably higher score as a general rule (I have also seen just 6 green tiles appear in the 90 seconds against a blue Titan and I wasn’t impressed). I’m fine with randomness being manipulated for playability as totally true randomness, I swear, people would complain bitterly about.

Take care and thanks.

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Hi guy’s,is it me or everyone has bad bord lately afther last update?? I think they charge something because in war I performed terrible and in raids from 6 flags I berly won 2. For example when I raid in war or raids I use usually 3/2 and after last update I almost have the strongest color on bord and my bord is full of color what I have no hero. Tks

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Just a string of bad rng for you. I went 5/6 in my war and I run mono. Went 8/8 in raids this morning when I filled my raid chest too. Boards seem to be the way they’ve always been.

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Nothing like that. As @JLB_ep said, just a bad luck.
I had bad luck with titan hits but nice boards in raids.
So, be patient.

Boards always get nerfed every update.

Also, beer is good.


OMG! Thought it was just my bad luck. Always have bad luck with this game.

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Lo que sí he notado es que le han subido un poco la vida a los jefes, es más difícil matarlos ahora.
Wu Kong no llega ni a un 50% de aciertos. El nivel de fallos que tiene es como del 75%.

Boards are the same every update according to the gurus in the house, so definitely it’s just bad board luck for you as well as everybody. LIFE of RNG

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