Suspicious tile colour replacements

A lot more work here showing fair than anyone has put in to show unfair


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This thread seems to be master for all claims concerning randomness…
…and @TerminatorX until now no data was shared that proofed that boards are NOT random! But we got data that proof randomness. Maybe you got some statistic to add that proofs your theory?


@TerminatorX you should have a look through the main thread (where this discussion will be merged by @zephyr1 eventually). This is exactly the randomness. I don’t see anyone complaining when the boards are unbelievable lucky. And as you will see, there are a lots of posts with such boards. You encountered few bad boards and this is it, the puzzle is rigged, isn’t it? I encountered too. And all players in this game. I repeat, this is exactly the randomness.


I was mainly referring to the board cascading at an even flow. What I encountered through six stages of the same battle is the constant appearance of red tiles in great numbers. I can only interpret that as: well because I didn’t have a red hero within my line up.

Seems rather random, plus you’re noticing it because you DON’T have a fire hero.
I understand your point but it just not the case. I’ve had many of these terrible boards in raids. But I’ve also won quite a few with 1 half dead hero standing and magically a cascade of the right colors out of nowhere.
I’m guessing this is more of a vent than actually believing that SG would go to all the trouble to “fix” the boards to avoid the tiles you need?


Me too. Last weekend I spent a raid flask. So I run 12x mono blue and got quite far. I lost 2 or 3 fight only. But usually the chance to win for me is more or less 50:50 with mono. Guess next time I will lose again :roll_eyes: That’s randomness :woman_shrugging:


…so you disbelieve math?


I would also think that this is the case. And it is very understandable. I think all of us at specific times on specific events felt this way to. But I have experienced the other side of the coin where all the colors are stacked my way. Good luck on a quick turnaround of your RNG experience.

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Based on this:

I went with this thread, Suspicious tile colour replacements instead of the thread about Raids or initial board state.

Thanks @Rigs and @Sorsha for linking the other color stacking threads too. :heart_decoration:


As I anticipated :sob:

Luck is gone…lost 5 fights in a row due to lack of blue tiles

Oops I used the dreaded CH eat word in my last post. NOT AT ANYONE at all

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Let me help… There is NO WAY AT ALL SG would or will admit to messing with the color stack boards, weather they did or not.
I have played this game a long time and KNOW this started showing up after a update, BUT and I say BUT the most of ones that say it is not any different dont use a 5 stack… There is also people that have documented many many starting boards to prove there is no change. So you are wasting your breath, key board, time and fingers typing it. Again SG would not or will not admit to changing this, weather they did or notbecause it would make LOTS of people mad, and basically cheat them.

The only board manipulation is RNG. That itself is more than sufficient to make you lose often enough.

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Well, it is your fault too. You go with mono for a such weak defense. Ares and Inari, non-hitters and Eve with a mediocre damage in the centre. Besides, it is a big mistake to attack passive tanks with mono.

Against such weak defenses, with Ares tank, always 3-2. One dispeller of each of the two colours (to cancel Ares if he fires eventually). And the chances to be screwed by the board are reduced by half compared with mono stack.

Just tryin’ to help, hope you don’t mind…


It is one way of killing Ares tank though. And I respect this strategy. However, going all monoblue at the onset, a blue tile connection where all 3 tiles going Ares’ way is a surefire way of killing Ares (assuming he ain’t emblemed and all your blue heroes have over 700 attack stat). By so doing, you dont need to worry about Ares because he is dead. Going mono gets the center column free for you to ghost and get your heroes’ mana going. Frida-Grimm-Athena-Richard-Ariel in that order of skill activation usually wipes out one side (flank and wing with advance mana) after killing the tank within 3 turns. You ghost on 3 free columns and repeat on the other side.

Not trying to win big cups…just test boards. Last weekend I also run blue mono only (as I wrote before) and I got to Top20 local league just by chance :rofl:
This shows perfectly that boards are not manipulated any way. Last weekend I was lucky…yesterday not. Shows randomness.

No, the point of my post was that I have a superstition that is not remotely supported by evidence. Kind of like me believing in a god; nonsensical.

I really don’t think we need to bring religion in a conversation about whether boards are random or not :stuck_out_tongue:

I miss Garanwyn :frowning: hope he comes back soon. A true wiz he is

This might help solve some of your doubts about unfairness.
There us a video there that you should watch.

These tiles drops really start to annoy. At times you just can’t win doesn’t matter what you do especially in certain raids. The ones you need won’t turn up when needed or certain moments in the game it takes longer and more tiles just to get a hero like June to their full mana build up with non effect upon them.
Yes it might sound like I’m just making it up, and no I’m not just saying that because I’m losing, it’s just when you are losing a battle 2-3 times one tends to keep more of a watchful eye and I can clearly say from what I’ve observed when that game plans for you to lose you are going to lose.

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