SUSPICIOUS CHESTS - Is there a limit to the total number?

Suspicious chests


is there a limit to the number of suspicious chests in a challenge event?

I think, that I read it somewhere (for example in some update). Am I wrong?

How many chests in total did you have in this challenge event?

I’ve really had a lot of attempts and so far I’ve had about 20-25 chests. But no more.

No I don’t think there is a limit.

This time I was unlucky with chests (OK I also didn’t use that many flasks) maybe around 15 total.
But I also had months with 50+ when I was hunting scores and used a lot of flasks.

I don’t know if there is anything behind, but I normally get more chests in harder levels.
For example if I farmed easy 3 (old events) for XP and used a few flasks I often did there a few hundred runs and get maybe a handful chests.
On the same time I get for Legendary high levels nearly the same amount of chests with a single flask and under 10 runs…


Same as @ferg. When I was going for placement I had like 70 chests on Slayer event. So there is no hard cap it seems. Maybe at 100? Who knows.

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I tried searching but couldn’t see anything re limit on chests

Only limit I could find was about the Valhalla gnomes.

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Thx. I may have associated it with this limitation. 20 gnomes per day, 80 gnomes per the whole Valahlla event

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Guvnors post kinda sums it up

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In this challenge event (League of Villains) is my score:
25x challenge coin vs. 28x world energy flask

3 times I had 2 coins in one game