Suspicious Chests is elite enemy

When you kill the “Suspicious Chest”, there is a “supernova” animation when it die which is a signature of “elite enemy”. I think the “Suspicious Chest” isn’t suppose to be elite enemy since it doesn’t have mana.

It wastes time, those chests need to die normally. Also I find it strange that in S1 elemental boss stage, the regular Elem explode in supernova and the boss just dies like a regular monster

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Maybe coding got mixed up as was the case for another earlier report. Can’t remember now.

For tournament events, animations should be minimised since there is a timer. It’s that or discount time taken by player to clear that stage by a fixed amount depending on stage. Say 5 seconds for Rare Stage 1

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It’s a weird bug that’s kinda plaguing this whole game, not just Challenge Events. But since the chests in this event also have the “boss defeat” animation like the elite enemies in S1 and S3, this is VERY bad for improving time bonus scores.

Kinda shocked they don’t die like the Midgard Gnomes and just look like a static image “bloop”-ing out of existence.

The bug has been reported and I think staff have acknowledged it. Do hope it’s fixed quickly before v44 releases.

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