Hi all. One of our players got a message saying the account has been suspended… may i know why please?

Hi. I have been suspended for Service terms violation.
I would like for someone to explain to me what violation was that.
Most probably it is an error, so I would like you to correct this situation as soon as possible, for me to continue my game.

We cannot disclose details of any individual cases here and we do not debate our disciplinary actions such as bans or warnings. Please contact support for further information. I’m closing this thread.

I write to have a prompt reply from the support for information on suspended accounts. I sent the request, but I have not received an answer. I do not understand where I was wrong to have a suspension, I think it’s a mistake. what should I do to remove the block. thank you
Sorry for my bad eng, google translate.

Please see above post.

Good evening to all, I hereby request help, since I do not receive any response from SG … by the local 12 hours here where I am now that is the Sahara desert, I am faced with a message to log in saying that my account was suspended, when not even 2 hours ago had made a diamond purchase of the lightning offer. I got in touch twice with the support and no answer I obtained, as well as, I did not have any notification that my account was supense.

I would like to get an answer and to know mainly the purpose of the suspension and its duration (since it is a punishment that I do not know the reason for)

I await your response

Please see response from earlier:

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