Suspended accounts & Alliance Wars

I’m the leader of my alliance and some of my members got caught up in the glitch that allowed people to replay a level and get the rewards again and again which led to those accounts being suspended. My questions are how long is the suspension? And will it affect war in so much as they won’t be on the field or will they be? with no option for them to opt out due to being suspended I am wondering how it works war wise.

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How Long: Cannot state. Your players will have to communicate this to you.

Wars – They are not opted out. They will be on the battlefield unless you kick them before war starts.


You could always kick 'em. They won’t be contributing to Titan hits either, so they’re worthless to your alliance.


Unless they’re the leader and only they can kick co-leaders

Why would you want to kick them, especially if they’re loyal. If they did summon coins and ascension items over numerous events, they will have “whale” type benches in multiple colors.

Benches are useless if they are permanently done playing.

Also, ‘glitch’ - lol, right.


Sorry about that. First time using the forums and wasn’t quite sure about anything.

Oh, I can think of a lot of reasons.

Personally, as coleader of my alliance I warned about it once I heard about it. And I’ve already made sure that none of us were affected.

Because I can assure you they wouldn’t be in the alliance if they had.


No use of war flags in two straight wars and the game will automatically opt them out.

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Yeah, that’s not been my experience. We had to kick a long term player after 4. And support was utterly useless with regards to it.

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It’s a tough decision.


To lose a war before you even start… :thinking:

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Yeah i told my leader to go ahead and kick me till i come back. It makes no sense to hold progress.

This issue was answered as fully as possible by @Guvnor in post #2.


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