Survival mode?


Do you ever think to put to the game a survival mode?


What does that mean?


Maybe a survival mode with unlimited stages and you lose only when you lose all your team!!!For some extra items!!!


That is an awesome idea! Further you get the better the loot


Yep, Agreed.
We definitely need something like that to play for free without the energy restrictiond, while we are waiting on our multi-day building upgrades and also trainings hoping for a miracle lol


Could be interesting. But then it would need to be so that every wave gets stronger than the previous. Or you could keep on forever with a couple of healers.

I doubt they would make it without energy, they want to charge people for playing or make them wait. This could be a nice way for players to compete against each other in pve. Or maybe a new challenge type.


I don’t think this game has enough characters to incorporate something like that and it would be fun initially but then it would get boring.