Survival/hoarde mode

I think a mode or level we could play that basically wouldn’t end until we die. Sort of a survival mode. Basically we get waves of monsters or heros or both that get stronger with each wave and don’t stop coming until all of our heros are dead. Give rewards every so many waves and have different difficulties with restrictions on what heros and troops and items(if any) you can use on each difficulty like events. Maybe have an elemental stage now and then with increased drop chance of the mats for that color. I’ve seen this type of feature in other games and even older puzzle games, always thought it was a lot of fun. Could even make a leaderboard to keep track of who makes it furthest. Could have it’s own energy flags that work the same as titan flags. Get 6 per day but can hold 3 at a time and 1 flag renews every 4 hours. Anyone else think this would be fun?

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