Survival / Continual Battle / Endless Wave Mode - Master Thread

And we wuld be allowed to use up our remaining items, if we want. If we don’t want, we don’t use them.

Don’t know if SG will go for a free extra monster ebdurance mode after finishing a stage. As they make money of draining WE.
Would indeed be nice not to have to go to the lower levels over and over to fill your wanted chest.
Possibly add a small fee of 1 or 2 WE to go into endurance mode after the stage providing a nice XP bonus depending on how far you get.

They make noney from the gems in the first palce. The world energy flask and other items are joust the extra items, when they take the prices lower. Like they now selling 1000 gems, 100 loot tickets and 1 world energy drink for the same price of 850 gems.

Thinking it would be cool to have an event with S1, S2N & S2H. Each level can be a wave of each boss wave from each province. Might be cool to see if you can take on all the bosses from S1.23. And so on.

I have a new and at least for me an exciting idea.
Trial arena/mode. You choose, lets say 10 heroes (but that can be any given number).
Then you stand trial against waves of monsters. Before each wave you see which monsters that will come in the next wave and you can select 5 out of your pre-choosen ~10 heroes.
Heroes does not replenish life between waves but you have free usage of battle items (hence a great incentive for SG).
Each fifth wave is a boss level and the more waves you finish, the higher are the chanses of getting better and more loot. Please tell me what you think?!

This could be nearly similar to this suggestion.

Such suggestions were made several times.

I’d appreciate such a game mode…

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Yes that is kind of same suggestion. Some minor differencies but still… Hope to get more opinions on this and if appreciated by many I would like to see a respons from the dev team.

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endless mode would be a great alternative to farming! Who is bored of farming?


I am. And this is a good idea.

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