Survival / Continual Battle / Endless Wave Mode - Master Thread

Since energy can be a limiting factor on doing things in the game, I would like to see an endless waves mode or something to that effect in the game.

Basically, you’d have your team and start off with easy enemies. As waves were cleared, perhaps a boss could show up every 10 or 20 levels. Items would be available, but limited as if it were the world map. Also, there would be no energy needed to start this mode, as starting from the bottom and working up again would be a bit time consuming in itself. The amount of bosses defeated or waves defeated could give a chance to gain some ascension rewards to perhaps remedy the prevalence (or lack thereof) of some of the items needed to raise epic or legendary heroes.

If cost would be a limiting factor, perhaps play an ad once a boss is defeated or have VIP be able to bypass the ad?

At least this would give players something to do if they wanted to zone out on their phones for a bit, since this would be a great road trip passenger mode. I don’t think this would detract from the other play modes since those rewards are a bit more guaranteed.

@Playswithfire You’re not alone in wanting something like this, quite a lot of people have posted about similar ideas.

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Ah, I didn’t notice that thread in the search when it came to searching endless mode. I should’ve searched “survival” instead to avoid redundancy lol.

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No worries, if this gets merged it’s actually beneficial to have different closed thread titles with variations on what someone might search for. That way the closed threads will point to the master, and make it easier for people searching in the future to find it.

Raids or dungeons.

Good day.

I want to offer the following:

Once in 24 hours, a location with an infinite set of monster waves opens,
each next wave is 10% stronger (or 15-20%) than the previous one. Loot is typed as in ordinary maps,
but there are key waves on which there will be bosses. When passing bosses to the loot,
a compulsory subject is required, for example:

with the passage of the first boss + one 3 * item, any,
with the passage of the next one + one 3-4 * item, any,
the next one + one 3 * item to level up
the next + one 3-4 * item to level up

Possible option with colored dungeons.

The entrance to the dungeon costs 20 (or more) world energy.

Waves can be made completely diverse, using different variations of those present in the game.
Suppose one wave had a fog of war, and the next one had monsters with reflection of damage and so on.
Exit from the dungeon is carried out with the loss of all the characters -
the reward is given for fully passed waves. Monsters are counted in a treasure chest.
Recruits are charged at the discretion of the developers.

"Добрый день.

Хочу предложить следующее:

Раз в 24 часа открывается локация с бесконечным набором волн монстров,
каждая следующая волна сильнее предидущей на 10%(или 15-20%).
Лут набирается как и в обычных картах, но сущетвуют ключевые волны, на которых будут боссы.
При прохождении боссов к луту прбовляется обязательный предмет, к примеру:

при прохождении первого босса + один 3* предмет, любой,
при прохождении следующего + один 3-4* предмет, любой,
следующий + один 3* предмет для повышения уровня
следующий + один 3-4* предмет для повышения уровня

Возможен вариант с цветными подземельями.

Вход в подземелье стоит 20(или более) мировой энергии.

Волны сделать можно абсолютно разнообразными, используя разные вариации из присутствующих в игре.
Допустим одна волна имела туман войны, а следующая уже монстров с отражением урона и так далее.
Выход из подземелья осуществляется при потере всех персонажей - награда выдается за полностью пройденные волны.
Монстры считаются в сундук охоты. Рекруты начислятся на усмотрение разработчиков"

I really like this idea!

EDIT: Also why not make dungeons which alliance can raid together? That would be schweet!!!


You can do a dungeon rating with your monthly / weekly awards.


поднимука я свое предложение по выше :slight_smile:

@Kerridoc, I think this thread is a replica of this one – named survival mode:

Survival / Continual Battle / Endless Wave Mode - Master Thread

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I think it would be cool if there was a colosseum with endless waves. Every fifth stage is a boss and increases in difficulty and even incorporates the stage types (posion, fog, etc). The farther you go, the better the loot! Another variation might be to have one at the end of each world map that allows you to attempt to beat every stage in the map consecutively with loot tiers based on how far you make it.

@SamwiseTheBrave The idea of endless waves of fighting is a popular one, though I think it taking place in a Colosseum in particular might be new.

Here’s the main thread for consolidating ideas related to this:

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I think a great way to fill the downtime whilst waiting on flags would be to have a daily ladder. One chance a day to to beat progressively harder levels. No flag cost, no items allowed. This would also provide loot roll opportunity as people are already upset with how sparse ascension items are. I mean seriously i have shelled out more than a few bucks, and i will continue to do so, but what good are new hero’s if i cant ascend them. Even buying the items is still painfully slow.

Oh… I thought of another one. What do you think of an Infinite Wave Challenge (or something with a much cooler name)? My thought is, you’d have a challenge with no set number of waves. You pick your five heroes and your battle items like normal and then you start off against either regular enemies or bosses. Once you defeat all the enemies/bosses in the first wave, you move on to the next wave. The next wave increases in difficulty, as does each subsequent wave. And the waves keep coming, each increasing in difficulty, until all your heroes are dead. The object is to get as far as you can before dying.

Your loot continues to grow, as well, the deeper you go, the better the loot. This can be a challenge event or a quest or daily tournament, or just a “practice”. No continues allowed and you can have a daily leaderboard.

I got the idea from these current missions and farming where my heroes are all full at the time of completion and I’m like, “I could’ve done this two or three more times”.

How many waves are the most waves seen so far? 5 waves? 6?

I was thinking of a gauntlet style region that had 10 waves.

I just read an idea that was had here for an “elemental wave” and that furthered my thought process a lil more…

One team, in the MEAT GRINDER!!! An endless gauntlet of waves of monsters and you push your best team and carefully chosen items that you only get to fill at the beginning and see how high of a wave you can beat!
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Gotta have a mini boss every 5-10 waves


A mini boss type that can evolve and grow bigger and meaner as our teams keep digging deeper and deeper into the GRINDAH!!!

Every 5 waves!

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50 waves
Progressively Harder
Mini-Bosses every 5-10 waves
Main boss at level 50.

Alternate … Pick 10 heroes,
When one of your 5 heroes dies, your other picks slide into their position and combat continues until all heroes are dead or you win.

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This wold be good, if ther was an endurance mode at the end of the map. This means, after the final wave more waves would comming, with sotronger monsters with every wave, till the heroes of the player are getting killed. This would give some extra experience points, and would be a great way to fill the wanted monsters chest. It takes a bounch of world energy and if there is many quests on line, somerimes i have to use a world energy refill flask to conlpete allnof them, and fill the wanted monsters chests twice per day. The endurance mode button should be appera at the end of the map, when it gives the loot to the player.

It could be a Monthly challenge event with WE to participate. I Would say no items allowed.

Rare: 10 WE
Epic: 15 WE
Legendary: 20 WE

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One another thing for what we can spend our world energy points? No. I joust wish that, if we complete a battle sucsessfully, and get the loot, we may allowed to continue the battle with stronger monsters in every wawe till our heroes are getting killed. For this it would not give more loot, but experience points and of course the number of the killed monsters in the wanted monster chests.