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Would be awesome to have a survival mode where one can fight story-mode-like levels round after round with each increasing in difficulty until all your heroes die. It can even be all the story mode levels stitched together to see how far one can go with only one set of heroes. Points could be awarded as a new profile statistic and of course good loot would be nice. No flags would be consumed; just a time killer option if we are waiting on titan respawns and such.


Would be cool if raids had a mode where you could fight in multiple waves of heroes. If one dies the next one in line spawns until you have none left. The same would go for the defending team. That way all our unused heroes could be used more often instead of the same select few. It would make things more interesting I think. Battles would be longer for sure and a lot more strategic planning would be needed ahead of time. It would be like a 15 vs 15 with only 5 heroes at any one time.

Of course, new players only have a few heroes initially but maybe there’s a way to address that.


I think a mode or level we could play that basically wouldn’t end until we die. Sort of a survival mode. Basically we get waves of monsters or heros or both that get stronger with each wave and don’t stop coming until all of our heros are dead. Give rewards every so many waves and have different difficulties with restrictions on what heros and troops and items(if any) you can use on each difficulty like events. Maybe have an elemental stage now and then with increased drop chance of the mats for that color. I’ve seen this type of feature in other games and even older puzzle games, always thought it was a lot of fun. Could even make a leaderboard to keep track of who makes it furthest. Could have it’s own energy flags that work the same as titan flags. Get 6 per day but can hold 3 at a time and 1 flag renews every 4 hours. Anyone else think this would be fun?

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HEY! Did you read my mind? That idea floating in my mind for weeks. Should be a one time per day only with the possibilty to refill/try again for gems.

I thought of statistics : most damaged dealt overall or per stage (overkill damage too) . Time overall or per stage so you can compare with others. At the end of one day you get rewards depending on placement (furtherest stage) every 10 stage boss. Like in the war you get a boost of health after a amount of time.

Glad u like it and the add ons are nice too, i just remember playing what i think they called "endless"mode or something in older puzzle games and i just think it would be a fun tradition to carry into this one but with it’s own E&P flavor added to it

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The concept is really simple and pick up the idea on the old survival games.

  • An infinite quest with infinite stages.

  • Every stage has 3 opponents.

  • Stages spam in the same order everytime

  • All your deck take part on the event, but only one hero at the time.

  • You decide at the start wich order the heroes get to the field (everytime 1 hero die, the next one take place)

  • You can’t switch the order once you began

  • You have 3 attempts to reach your higher level

  • Attempt end when all your heroes dies

  • Rewards scaling basing on the level (defeat lv 10 = reward, defeat lv 20 = reward and so on…)

  • A top chart will show the best in the event (only cosmetic)

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Another game I play has this, and it’s awesome. I’d love to see it in E&P

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No world energy? No pvp flags? Is your titan dead? Are you just plain bored?

How about an infinite survival mode! You heard me right. Just select your desired monster strength level and fight hordes of random generated monsters! What’s that? Yes! Even encounter the occasional bosses! Fun for all ages… :smiley:

*would be nice get random drops from a surprise boss visit. Even loot tickets would be nice… :wink:

wonderful idea!!! there are tons of good ideas floatin thru this forum but this would be so very awesome to add to the game…its just too bad we nevr actually see any of those good ideas implemented…

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Sorta like a summons for monsters. Summon 5 monsters and off you go.

The rewards would be a total based on what SG sets out each monster to be worth.

Something different and nice

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I believe it would start costing world energy if they started handing out prizes. The concept of course, is something to do when there’s nothing to do. Lol. I mean if they gave us something, that be awesome. Why I said event the dreaded loot ticket (which i like btw). They could use it to implement new monster attacks or whatever. Imagine a skill that freezes random tiles for two turns for instance. Anyway I degress. One of my favorite game to pass time is gems of war. You have infinite pvp attempts and I can play for hours without realizing it. Dont think they would do it here, so think a play til u die, rinse repeat would be something I could do for hours when say waiting in doctors office or something.

Edit: oh, you could also finally use 1*, 2* and 3* heros which gather dust as u get better cards. Maybe have the survival mode round up the difficulty (your team of 1335 vs the games 1400).

Adding star restrictions would be cool.

Also, instead of it being free energy…maybe a 1 time payment of energy to enter the horde and see how long you last?


These good ideas. However think the idea of “unlimited playing” is being lost… :wink:

I would like to see an Endless Stairs mode where you start with waves from easy to harder and harder so on.

every 10 waves you get a boss and the run ends when all your heroes dies “no revive allowed as not everyone got alby” but you can continue using the 75gem option.

rewards is based on how high in the levels you reach and you make a ranking top100 for the top 100 players who reached the highest lvls lets say
1-playerx lvl 501
2-playery lvl 482


we want new things to do other than titans and the map.

I have long had an idea for a new game mode, I don’t know if it will interest you, but I will express and be grateful if you consider it.
Now the game has quests and locations that have a certain number of waves: from 3 to 5.
For many strong players who have long been playing quests is not difficult. Most of them are auto-attacked. And you can add a mode that will be interesting to everyone, and the old players will return the desire and excitement to the game, will give a new interest.
I think it would be interesting to do a quest / tournament in which there would be much more waves! For example 50. On each wave, the units will become stronger and stronger, making it difficult for any player to pass. In order not to draw new units, you can use current heroes as units on each wave. and start with fletchers and tudans and finish at the last levels of Hel and Delilah, for example.
And new players could pass (depending on the ability to play and set of characters) 3-5 waves, players with 3 * heroes could pass, for example 12-17 waves, with 4 * - 25-30, with 5 * - 40-45 waves. And only the most inventive and strong in the sets of heroes players could pass more, up to 50 (more can be done).
The reward for completing this quest must be tied to the number of completed levels. The more you walk - the better the reward, the more experience you will get. Those. even in the case of a lost quest on, for example, the 34th wave, the player will receive experience and an appropriate reward. Make it so that you can complete this quest many times. You can complete this quest as a mini-tournament. Where it will be important, how far I can do it. If there is an equality in the levels covered, for example, 2 players could reach 47, then watch who made it faster. Considering the difference between the players and the fact that they can get a different number of waves, it is possible to make the cost of entry to this tournament - ALL world energy (for each their own, respectively) and make the amount of experience gained so that it is commensurate with the experience obtained in ordinary map locations .

I briefly described my idea and it is very promising and there are many ways of its development and study. if it interests you, I could devote more time to it and offer different options for organizing this game mode.

Artem farenheit789

Some variations of this idea have been suggested before, like these:

(@Kerridoc @Rook May I humbly suggest declaration of a master, or closure as a duplicate?)


Big merge. Clearly a popular idea. My only gripe is you just know that there will be people posting how unfair it is that they couldn’t beat Survival Mode… :rofl:


A survival mode could be created without changing the main layout of the game but inserting as “replaying completed scenario”

Let me explain with an example. We have “Baia Ululante” and this scenario has been completed or at least, completed between the starting point (1) and the first check-point available (5).

Thus we set up, in this scenario, two entry points: on the beginning (1) and on the first check-point (5) as you can see into image displayed with « char on the left.

At the menu of the entry point, we put an option “survival mode” that inform us about how many level we need to complete in order to collect the revenue. In this case, they are 5.

We are going to pay double flags of the entry point. The (1) costs 3 flags, then 6 for the survival mode. If we manage to arrive at the end of 5 levels with the same heroes team, then we collect the sum of all the levels passed through otherwise we lost.


Another suggestion. Currently, the game offer the option to retry (bring up in life the whole team, I think) in case we lost one level challenge. The price is 75 gems for any level which I have seen (up to 15, at the moment) which is a very expensive for the earliest scenario.

Again, the first two levels are kept by two dragons but they cost 3 flags for each level. Wouldn’t saner that the first scenario would cost 1 flag for each level and the second 2 flags for each level. Then 3 flags, and keep the current schema to increase the flags for others scenarios. But the first two could be used for practicing if they would be cheaper.

How to make them practicing levels? In survival mode. For 6 flags, it would be possible to cross 5 levels of the first scenario. The second for another 6 flags with 6 levels to cross. This make them cheaper for training.


Other scenario price for survival mode could be 2x or 3x of initial flag price depending the length. More lengthy, more difficult, more revenue. This should kept in consideration: paying less per level (e.g. 6Ă·8 flags for 3Ă·5 levels) but with an increased risk of loosing everything because the team should stay alive until the end to collect all the revenues taken across the levels.


Except for the two first scenarios, other scenarios could NOT be engaged continuously.

Each scenario would have a timer which will prevent to be crossed again and again using survival mode.

This to avoid too easily too much resources. Obviously, these timers might be bypassed paying gems.


Once the survival mode challenge is completed between the first two check-point an option could be offered to the player:

• take everything and end as scheduled
• pay some others flags to continue up to the end of the scenario but risking to loose everything in case of failure


• take half of what collected and quit
• continue but risk to loose everything

In this former case the number of flags would be greater than 2x. A reasonable factor would stay between 3x and 4x (in total a mean of half of the cost, if each level would be completed one-by-one: survival mode flags = N levels Ă— K flags / 2).

Moreover, some check points could be not elevated as survival mode exit. In such a case the number of the levels to cross would be displayed at the beginning and that check-point will not have the « sign on it.


Survival mode could be implemented grouping levels among two check points in each scenario.Screenshot_20190121-230248-01


Surprised this wasnt more popular

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Merging the all six thread in which the same concept had been proposed will probably make it quite popular. There are 10 votes here and 9 votes in another I saw. The links are in the first post at the beginning of this thread.

In total the votes for this thread and the others six similar / equivalent sum up to 23 votes.

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