💉 SURVIVAL aka Barbarian & Rogue trial - NO Healers?

Is this really a Survivability test?

NO healers? Only Vlad and Musashi have a way to heal themselves…
Or am I mistaken?

We should be able to do any trial without the use of battle items imo.

Whats your intake on this?

Should SG rectify this? and How?

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Eh, it’s kill or be killed. Bring some small healing potions and blast away. There are a lot of good def down heroes to help you get through the mob waves faster (i.e. taking less damage). Rogues also have a chance to dodge specials, if they have emblems. You just gotta approach it a different way.

I actually have more trouble with the trials where I have no or only a few hitters. I’ll be rolling into the Trials of Fortitude (druids and clerics) with three healers, a riposter, and only one hitter, Caedmon - and I didn’t have him last time around! How am I supposed to overcome Horghall’s ridiculous HP, Vivica’s heal and defense up, AND Boril’s riposte with a bunch of passive specials? Not sure. Guess we’ll find out Sunday!


Some votes on ‘no items used’ even in this survival trial.


Well caedmon, melendor, even belith and mnesseus for debuff against vivica and boril
Gadeirus / brienne against horghall

Hitters? Thats why i will 3/70 elkanen

Also greens will kill boril quite fast(caed,mel,gad,elkanen + brienne or mnesseus) so a ghost way to always recharge. Make sure you get a green diamond under him

Caedmon and Melendor will be on my squad. I find three stars like Belith and Mnesseus to be too fragile on the final stage without emblems. Mnesseus didn’t even survive the second stage on trials of piety last time. I don’t have Gadeirus, but I wish I did. I’ll be rolling with Caedmon, Melendor, Rigard, Boril, and Hawkmoon + 20. Caedmon, Rigard, and Boril should all be on fourth ascension, but none of them will be maxed. Hopefully, Horghall will destroy himself on Boril’s riposte.


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