Survey : which could be the best defense team?

survey: write according to you which could be the best defense team … obviously assuming that they are all at the maximum

I’d like to have Deliah+Drake in flanks and Kunchen as tank. This way if the enemy stacks yellow against Kunchen he’s ganna have a hard time against Deliah/Drake. Those 3 are also the ones (from your rooster) I do not want to face in raids. However, this leaves less options for the wings.

Does Magni’s buff affect Kunchen? The way it reads is that Kunchen is immune against defense debuffs and buffs. He could be put in flank and Drake in wing, but if the special doesn’t work that’s not ideal either.

In the wings I’d put Marjana and leave one empty. Why Marjana over Natalya? Simply because she’s less reliant on DoT and as a Wing her special triggers later. At this point you want direct damage, not some slow killing special.
And why leave the other place empty? Because there is no good option. Put another red and the attacker can stack blue, put a purple or yellow and they have an advatage with yellow or purple respectively. What are you going to do? Put in a 4*? Let Magni waste 1/3 of his buff? Ha, I laugh! Come back when you have Lianna

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Tank’s a lot… I’m very unlucky whit a green heroes. Nobody until now… i play to this game from 2 years more or less… many 5* but nobody green.
I agree your opinion. Bye Rapisu

Just need to restructure it a bit.
Majana-Kunchen-Deliah-Magni-Sartana could work good. 2 Purple, so if enemy goes hard against the yellow tank he’s at an disadvantage later. Magni special comes through fully (though the 1/3 buff loss in a Marjana-Deliah-Kunchen-Fong-Magni team isn’t really noteworthy either).
Unfortunately it doesn’t make use of Drake, who is a very strong hero imo.

I thinking to use: cappuccetto rosso, delyah, kunchen, drake, sartana. What do you think about this?

Sure, it’s good too. Kunchen luckily has a holy element defense, so it should be possile to defend against a colour stack even with 2 purples.
Honestly with your 5* it’s hard to make a bad team :yum:
Personally I prefer fast heroes on the wings, that’s why I’d choose Marjana, but assuming that she’s maxed Red Hood is an amazing hero.

To construct the best defense team is impossible of course, since the attacker deciedes how good it is.


Neat. The missing mats are a bit unfortunate, but luckily it’s just one of each. The red quest was the last one i think, so it might take a while to get rings, but I wish you luck, hopefully you find them soon.

Kunchen resists defense ailments, suggesting buffs would still affect him.

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Ah, thank you. I read it as alignments :persevere:
I this case Red Hood-Delilah-Kunchen-Magni-Fong would work

I’m so jealous of your situation lol…
I have 2-3x the 5*s than you (nearly all from TC 20), but still can’t make a defense team nearly as strong as the options you have.

I would try Sartana - Magni - Delilah - Kunchen - Drake. I know I’d be skipping that team in raids :sweat_smile:

which team do you have?

I switch my raid defense team all the time… I basically have every TC20 hero except for Magni and Sartana. Funny enough exactly the heroes I could really use. Rumple is the only non TC20 I have and he’s not too useful on defense.

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