Surrender in war

Had an idea. What if an alliances leader can elect to surrender a hopeless situation. By doing this ALL of the remaining flags would be considered to be spent so as to count on their path of valor (if path of valor is active) without having to actually fight a pointless defeat. This could even show up as a stat of wars won by surrender maybe.

I thought about this as my alliance is currently winning a war that the other alliance cannot possibly win as they only have 12 flags left and currently need almost 2,990 points to tie.

Those flags are a great possibility to test sth, to try out weird things or to catch up as much as possible.

There possibly could be some kind of war minister who would be able to give some additional flags (say 6 per ally) to players with deeper benches or to active players.

Let’s collect it to some other improvements that could make wars more interesting than they are already.

Never surrender :wink:


Win , lose or draw do it on merit. Never surrender!

Besides, it’s also a matter of pride to use all war flags (for us anyway). Even if unwinnable it’s an excellent opportunity to practice.


Automatically counting flags of players who haven’t played towards POV defeats the point. You have show up and play. As far fighting a losing battle on the field, that’s good practice. If it’s hopeless you can try attacking someone you might otherwise avoid or experiment with your attack team setup. Not like your going to trophies or anything. Free hits are always good.


Most of the arguments are that one can use the flags to try stuff. Well, they still can if they want to. If the leader is one who surrenders and you don’t like it then maybe you need to be in another alliance.Yes that sounds great to fight till the last man but, for some of us we already spend all of our time playing the game. An alliance could refuse to fight if it is hopeless and move on to better use of their time. Doesn’t mean they cannot fight it out to the last man (we frequently do and sometimes we even shock ourselves by actually winning). I am merely suggesting an option (a.k.a a choice) It adds something without taking away anything. Maybe a win by surrender could add a modicum of loot. And yes, as much as I sometimes hate barrages, field aid, and attack boost I still love war. It has grown to be my favorite part of the game. And when my alliance is at their best we take down some much much stronger teams.

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Clarify that point. You seem to be suggesting players can still use flags and the leader can surrender. How would that work?

This is easily achieved at the moment. The leader could send out a message to the alliance to surrender, then anyone pressed for time can just needs to select an enemy, autofill, fight, flee. And repeat 5 times - the whole process would only take a minute or two, and guarantee that an individual is active for PoV. If one is unable to spend a couple of minutes, they don’t deserve to be credited in PoV.


Am I getting you right? Surrender reward? Clearly no. A better use of your time? You are not forced to fight. But if you love war, fight! Surrender is unfair to your opponent.

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Seems like they could use the practice in that situation.

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@pike I think you misunderstand. I am not much concerned about me surrendering, I am talking about a little extra reward for making the other guy surrender. I would not consider it unfair to me if the other team surrendered. I would not be upset at all to have knuckled someone into admitting defeat.
BTW, the other team that I mentioned did fight back to the last flag. They fired their last 8 flags but, as it took them 12 flags to bring me down earlier in the battle, I was not concerned about them passing my almost 3000 point lead.
The battle was OVER!

Ok, let’s also surrender every PoV daily challenge so we can get credit for those too.

To think there are people who want to give incentives for LAF players who don’t use all war flags is $#!+

@l2ider O.K. so make them hit autofill and flee just to make their pov. What is the difference? The idea of a small bonus was just a suggestion for making the other team surrender. I would even go for for a non reward of recognition like the no less meaningless stat about finishing titan strikes. If you see the team you are facing has wins by surrender then you probably want to bring your A+ game to them.

Surrendering does not display good sportsmanship. Win or lose…

And to make things more interesting, how about everyone gets a free EHT if they surrender


Twenty no carachters.
War is a fun, the best feature so far in the game. Don’t make that best feature a joke.
No surrender. Zero points by battling acceptable.
Surrender… OMG… Someone kill me plz. :grin:

So it’s the other way around? But doesn’t make a difference. The essence of my statement remains the same.

surrender isn’t an option and never should be. Fight like a hero, Win like a hero, lose like a hero. heroes never surrender…


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