Surprised they have not eviscerated Elizabeth like They did Telluria as she is now on ever leaderboard team

And her fiends are freakimg strong. With Lb

Don’t be afraid. Eventually you’ll level both. Frigg is a gdamn abuse of strength and she can dodge. A living hell. In pair with morel Odin c kadilen and Elizabeth. Well it’s 90% of the top defenses. And they were concerned about teluria, o they re not. They just wanted to release frigg all mighty

Well it’s a Hotm. Every pull ad a chamce to get her. The problem was too many playrs got her. And didn’t knew how to fight against her.

Hoo but frigg Odin. Morel proff lindbrock and c kadilen are fine. Right. Just there’s no more reason for the nerf continue that’s all. And now that they nerf the formations, sif is indirectly Nerf too,… Why? Cause she was a counter to morel Odin and frig.

Why would they nerf a S3 hero in order to protect 2 other S3 heroes?

Because frigg and Odin are more appealing?Maybe. I’m not SG, don’t know what they thinkin. But it feels a nerf not just for sif but to all hit 3 or protect 3.

I am just amazed at the cry-cry-crib-crib about this impact-3 rectification that has happened. This is an Elizabeth thread, where the crib is expressed using any reason.

Firstly, Sif or any other impact-3 heroes haven’t been nerfed but the definition has been rectified & programming issue that carried on for so long has been rectified. Why was it not rectified early on should be the RAP / question given to SG…
impact-3 heroes became impact-all in certain situations which created a habit for certain players who are just not able to understand this simple aspect & hence crib-crib anywhere they can.

OdiN & Morel have hit-all CLEARLY defined on their card which is DIFFERENT from impact-self & neighbour allies OR target & nearby enemies. 1-2-3-4-5 : line up is clearly defined in all four formations & hence there can’t be more than 2 neighbours despite visually having less distance. This numbering itself renders all arguments of impact-3 nerf in the waste box !

All heroes are now as per the card definition which is worded the same since they came to the game = No change = where is the more appealing logic…!!

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