Surprised they have not eviscerated Elizabeth like They did Telluria as she is now on ever leaderboard team

Elizabeth is now on ever leaderboard team, like Telluria used to be till he was killed by the game developers. Wounded when she dies.

Telluria was in >80% of teams. Elizabeth is not. She’s not any more common than Frigg/Odin.


Well, Telluria got nerfed once you couldn’t summon for her anymore (and therefore she didn’t make SG any more money), Elizabeth can still be summoned every month (and fill up SG’s bank account)…I feel there’s something there, I just cannot put my finger on it. :wink:


It wasn’t Telluria on his own but mainly her and Vela together and through in one of Gravemaker/Jean Francois. I don’t know if they would have nerfed her into the ground like they did if it wasn’t for her and Vela working so well together. It’s why they were always nerfed simultaneously. Another factor is Telluria and Vela were heroes of the month so much more prevalent and on more than just the top teams. Notice since then all the heroes of the month have been outright garbage or at best good not great.


Every second / third in better days team on the tournament has Frigg/Morel or/and Elisabeth already) Devs knows, and they really like this. Because they may sell 2x3 immune. Towers, Circus, Vampires, Tavern) And even not 2 turns, buy now 3 turns. Next year it will be 5 turn Immune on 5-stone charge, and others… others may go and f… find themselves, yep) You just will be slashed by our superbalanced Morel+Frigg) And if you have 3x3?) Just kiss Elissabeth, everything is just fine and balanced, with you 10-stone heroes) Because your mana-shield is always work, just look on our Lida and North Mother, don`t you see) :yum:


I just checked… Elizabeth is in 48/100 teams on the leaderboard.

Telluria was 80+ at any one time.


Elizabeth is tough, true, but pre-nerf Telluria was devestating. When she came out I was fairly new at the game, and in raids (I was in silver and gold) it got to the point where if I saw a 3/X Telly, I would automatically reroll because I didn’t have enough fire heroes to take her out in one tile hit. And if I didn’t she would use her special and that would be it for the match. You have no idea how happy I was the first time I beat her.

Elizabeth just isn’t the killer Telluria was.


I’m new on here and got a couple questions if someone can help me out. So this nerf thing is when they weaken a hero cause they are to strong? Main reason I ask is cause I gotta make a decision on who to give potions for my next green 5*. It’s between frigg or Cristobal and 1 I’m not sure who to do first and 2 I’m concerned about either 1 being nerfed. I got other?s like this but I’ll see how this 1 does first.

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They just gotta make sure everyone has pulled for her and milked the cow to death, then the nerf hammer will hit and a new hero will replace Elizabeth and rinse repeat.


Nerfs are often unpredictable, and recently have not been announced wel in advance. Honestly I would ascend one of the two already, if you can, instead of waiting.

Frigg is a fairly safe choice. She’s been nerfed once already I believe.


Fiends as an offense tool have been promoted in the game meta, with more being introduced. The fiend killers will come soon = no nerfing is going to happen.

Comparison with Telluria issue is not accurate either, bcoz, today’s play meta is very different from those days. While Telluria nerfing was total SG stupidity, that episode also got players to seek out solutions to tackle craZy play challenges which can be seen shared in every forum / game avenue !

Had no nerfing of T / V happened… things would be regular today… not becoz of SG but player smartness !


Elizabeth isn’t worth nerfing. She is pretty decent in the right combo but not a game changer. No, I don’t have her.

At least Elizabeth wasn’t around during Telluria’s reign. If she was, Elizabeth may have gotten nerfed back then

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Elizabeth would have been a fine alternative to GM or JF. No burn, but add her mana gen debuff to Telluria’s and nobody would fire again, ever. Ouch. I’m glad times have moved on.

also with the fiends, the damage would just keep on increasing

Telluria para los que la tenemos . Hacer un buen funeral jjj fue grande que DEP

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Don’t see her nearly that much.

Frigg and Costume Kadilen on the other hand…

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Based on the recent changes to Zuri and Faline, I’d say its more likely that Liz gets buffed than nerfed. All in the name of balance, of course


Fiend killers arrived with this Knights event

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