Surely the leaked fated summons isn’t correct?

An active FTP can get 200 pulls in a 6 month period

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yes you’re right, but even when they collected and pulled 200 pulls in 6 months, For me, It means they deserved to pull a good hero from the pool. But Of course I am happy for fated summon at the end of day.

Absolutely I agree! I think there is a decent collection there though, at least 3 desirable heroes

If Loki will be there, everyone should get him. I got him from SE and he is absolutely amazing.

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Topaz is probably the best

Here is the threat with the list

I’ll take Loki, Sif, Bera and Grimble


I love both. Grimble is a more reliable minion remover at 9 tiles for all whereas Topaz hits much harder but can only remove 3 hero minions at 9 tiles. For a tank that generates minions for nearby allies only Topaz is definitely better.

I often use the two together, they work very well.

Topaz is much better than Grimble against Bong (er, Waterpipe). If no Bong or LoTL, then I really like to use Ogima. But Grimble is a staple, too. I am glad to have all of them in my toolbox, and they all see use.

Unless they change the list, then I already have everything in the next FS. Of what is there, the ones I like a lot and would recommend definitely include Grimble and Lord Loki. And Heimdall, Sif, and Bera are also still very usable in some situations.

Some of the heroes on fated are showing costume bonus, does that mean they come with costume?

Ah Nvm I read small print, no they don’t come with costume, that’s a shame :joy:

In that case there is nothing from fated that I want, no incentive to do pulls. Where’s the carrot SG ? You are a victim of your own stinginess.

They could have at least put S1 heroes with their first costume. Else, S4 heroes instead of S1 would have made much more sense. Especially, as costume versions of S4 heroes are gonna come anyway, which makes non-costumed ones a lot less attractive for P2W.

Who would ever choose a vanilla Horghall or Marjana over Lord Loki, Heimdall or Bera? So, the vanilla heroes are nothing more than fillers or feeders for Soul Exchange for hardcore spenders who do more than 1500 pulls until the next refresh.

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Anyone else a little ticked that they gave up 20 5* to take Lord Loki in the soul exchange only for him to be available on the fated round 2?


I am only at 42/100 for now but I am unsure if to go with Lord Loki or Heimdall.
Green is a good colour for me and I have LotL, Ratatoskr and Mother North for healers, but my only overhealer is Gullinbursti, it’d be great to have another.
I also have Kingston, Lianna, Lu Bei, Evelyn and Ma’at for my 5* greens

My blue is probably my weakest, All of Magni costumes + Perseus and cPerseus, Ariel, and Miki. I have Glenda but no emblems on her.

What would everyone here suggest?
I also have 1000 emblems for Paladin (Heimdall) but only 150 for Wizard (Loki).
What would you all do?

Thanks in advance

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I think the lesson is try to exchange for event heroes that look harder to come by. Bad luck mate (I would be super annoyed too)

Ps I thought LoLo was 15 souls? Could be wrong

I think this is your answer, with mother north Lord Loki is more valuable addition to your team VS a weaker revive.

I don’t even have a revive other than Anton and still going Lord Loki.

Edit: I also have a really bad wizard emblems situation, but emblems are overall easier to get than heroes.

How bad? Well costume isarnia is gonna lose the partial 10 on her… Then I pulled Archie this morning ALSO a wizard… Which means I may take off one of my limit broken anzoghs to emblem him. And I still want emblems on that anzogh, isarnia, and chameleon…

Wizard situation 20 emblems:

Isarnia at 10…

And I will need to emblem lord Loki and Archie. Plus I still want to emblem chameleon and finish isarnia, so yeah I didn’t let that deter me on Loki either.


No. This would be an opportunity for a second one if I so choose to, but I also had usage of Lord Loki for almost an extra year and he has been helpful on raids and the such since then. Even if back then someone could have predicted that he would be available for FS one year down the road, I would have picked him anyway. There’s no one in subsequent SE that I would have missed out on by taking him back then. I mean that there’s no one I would have prioritized over him, except maybe Director Zuri. But given that I got Arco in the last SE, that’s not a big deal.

Nope 20 souls.


Yes I thought about picking him up again as well. I too took Arco this time around as well.


The only reason why I wouldn’t automatically pick him up is that I generally want to expand my hero base and increase options and flexibility. A second would really just be extra depth in wars as it’s unlikely I’d ever run 2 together in a raid.

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Nope. I’d rather have 2 Lokis than none at all. And I probably will, he’s that good.


Topaz is somewhat resistant to waterpipe and LotL minions and retains charge x2 most of the time which is often enough to charge other heroes and clear other minions/kill opponent.
Grimble is ofc better but nothing ensures he will be able to fire his special


Yeah, I am marginally annoyed that i blew 20 on LoLo and ensured I’d not have enough for Ludwig or Alfrike, but hes been a staple on my raid team and I’ve loved having him, so it’s fine.

I am actually more annoyed that I picked Mitsuko in the first Fated, before it was revealed she’d be back. Not that I mind her, but Onatel, Ariel or Freya would have been nice.

But now, who do i go with? A second Loki, to use maybe twice a week in wars and once a year in the elemental challenge? Not gonna double up on attack and he’s not defensively oriented. Maybe Bera or Gefjon, I don’t have either.