Surefire mats in the near future?

Hi All,

The training camps are full of rumors that a Tome of Tactics will be delivered in the next couple weeks via Farholme Pass. This is big news for me, because I can elevate a pair of 5 stars very soon!

Question: is there a surefire way to get a final set of mystic rings for my gravemaker, in the near future? I’ve beat s02 on hard and easy, so that’s out. Curious if anybody knows whether a set of rings, or any 4* ascension mats, are on the horizon?

Yes, I would expect that circa July 20, maybe a day or two before.

Depends on your definition of “near future”, but probably no. Guaranteed rings come from the Mt. Umber quest, which we had not too long ago (~20 days). Frostmarch (cape/scope) is still up, which means we’ll have Farholme (gloves/tome) > Shiloh (orb/darts) > Morlovia (trap tools/tabard) > Farholme (compass/blade) before coming to Mt. Umber again. As these quests spawn approximately 10 days apart, you are looking at about 50 days before Mt. Umber again. The seasonal event with rings is Christmas, I believe, so no help there either. Sorry.


Nothing soon, I’m afraid.


Early September is when the next guaranteed set if Mystic Rings is likely to come


Thanks for the intel!

At worst, I’ll be waiting 2-3 months for rings, but I have the mats to push a blue to tier 4 right now… :face_with_monocle:

Sigh… Back to the Frida vs Magni dilemma. There’s no getting around it. Even if I waited on rings and tabards, to prioritize GM + Hel over my blue hero, I’ll still need a better ice hero down the line.

Magni has my exact kit for offense - I love fast hitters. Frida is better for titans. Guess I’ll sleep on it.

Thank you for the information though!

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The only 2 surefire ways are:

Mystic rings + gem offers
Mount umber

The rest are just RNG.

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Also the Christmas seasonal, I believe.

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