Support the Arabic language

Hello, my favorite game. I hope to support the Arabic language in the forum because we face a problem in the public chat and the large number of malicious reports against us from haters and we are subjected to blocking , We are high levels and we buy monthly offers and events and we demand our protection, Currently, the leader of our alliance (Arabian Falcon) is blocked, and this angered us. I hope that the blocking will be lifted and compensated, because he is the most person who buys from the game

Hi @Beeb314 , good to see you on the forum.

You can suggest languages be added here.

Please encourage your friends to contribute too.

We don’t discuss banning decisions on the forum, your alliance leader will need to contact support if they want to make representations.

Good luck and good gaming.


Global chat can be a mess at times. Well 24/7
Is it a case of putting wrong things in the certain chat groups. That people will flag. Sometimes it’s not the case of hating against one person or race, spamming is often and is annoying.
The golabal chat does need a update to work properly.


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