Support not responding

How long does it take for empires and puzzles support to respond? Because there is an advert in the game that it takes a few days. For me, a week+ has passed and still no response :wink:

Support speed is typically based on how many tickets they have received (I expect more when a new feature like Alliance Wars launches).

Have you got the initial automated response? You should be able to reply to that without creating a new ticket (which would only slow their response).


My experience is that they respond within hours (during the weekdays). I have had a few interactions with @Petri and although he doesn’t tell me exactly what I want to hear (i.e. give me 10 warm capes please ASAP!) Lol, I do find their response times to be excellent.


I got the initial automated response and I create a new ticket, needlessly. I hope that someone will answer soon

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I have a question
If I got this message from the support over a month ago:
“We have reviewed our logs. An unban will be considered earliest in three weeks. Please contact us then.”

But I have more than one account, ban will it be removed or not? Because I’m waiting a lot of time for the response after three weeks

my guess is that account bans are super low on the priority list after technical bugs and other actual in-game support for non-behavioral issues.

EDIT: meant “account ban reversals” above.

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  1. Did you wait 3 weeks?
  2. Did you contact them then?

1, 2 - yes Rook :wink: :wink:

I have contacted support about 5 different times. My experience is, they were prompt to respond BUT exceptionally and utterly useless…Not once did actually helped or try to make it up or provided any sort of consolation or alternatives…Their canned response is as follows:

“Blah blah blah, thank you very much for contacting us. Our records show that on such and such day, yada yada yada. If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to contact us again. If you have any specific dates/times or pictures that would also help. Sincerely, The Useless Bunch”

I in fact did send in photos in a separate occasion. Still no actually help or alternatives or consolation effort/reward. I contacted them in regards to disappearing troops from camps, purchased items that were never received into my inventory, etc…

My personal experience, support has been 100% useless. I hope others have had better luck…

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I’ve had great luck with support - at very specific times. They are way ahead of me time zone wise so I send something in before bed and they usually have responded by the time I wake up. I always send in a brutally detailed subscription (account number, screen name, associated email address, alliance name, you name it, I send it) and screen shots, the works, basically so there’s no way they won’t have everything they need in one nice package.