Support justice as Tank

what is the best way or combination to support justice as a tank? we know about its ability to get an attacker to get -40 percent accuracy. can we use this reduced accuracy to be more profitable for our defense ?

That blind buys you time.

It means the attacker either has to wait to use their specials, risk missing, or fire their dispeller (if they brought one and if it’s ready to fire).

There’s no special synergy for this, as such, other than giving your other hero’s an extra couple of turns to prepare and fire…

There’s a few anti-synergies to avoid, though… Obviously riposte doesn’t go well with blind (what doesn’t hit, doesn’t reflect) and nor does a beserker like BK or Khiona (what doesn’t hit doesn’t raise attack, here).

Remember Justice is slow - this can work, but you want some faster heros in your team as well.

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Agree with the points @BubblesUK made. I would just add that flanking Justice with purple would help prevent stacking purple against Justice. Justice can also help the flanks from stacking yellow too.

Good luck, let us know how it turns out!

I would add that Justice is a she and not a he.

She is a bit slow, having a faster purple you could flank her with would help. Not sure on your roster, but everything ranging from costume tibs with mana troops to kage or panther could do well.

Def down in general stacks really well with Justice.

You definitely want snipers on the wing, if you flank Justice with purple, you could look at yellow snipers like Joon and White Rabbit- if you have them. If you cant flank Justice with purple, than purple snipers on the wing like Sartana or Seshat would make a lot of sense.

The final component would be that attack down debuffs stack well with Justice, ranging from Zeline to Kingston, if you have a solid attack down option to stack with blind, your defense team will be extremely frustrating to deal with. Just, dont use Horghall, you wouldn’t want two slow heroes on your defense.