Support? I wish

I keep trying to get help with my Alliance war issue and it seems like the people replying to my support requests either don’t understand the problem, think that I am overlooking some simple thing, or just don’t know the answer. (Kind of like at my job if you get sent to an agent in the Philippines). I have never been able to BE in one. I am not able to progress in the game because the option to be in an alliance war is broken for me. I am about to hit level 28 and still, no tutorial. I never get matched with anyone. The game does the countdown then says matchmaking in progress and then just goes dead for me. I HAVE READ ALL OF THE FORUM ARTICLES ON THIS SUBJECT ALREADY. I really like the game but, cannot do much more if I cannot get my ascension items and be in wars. Is there someone who can help? I have sent a lot of emails to support explaining the problem. I thought about reinstalling the game but, if I lose my progress I will not continue to play.

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