[Support Group] Don't Be Afraid Of Telluria 😉

No more rant. Why?
You gain cups by not raiding and can use your raid energy for some weird losses or experiments. :upside_down_face:

This is a thread to share funny or cool experiences vs Telluria just to get rid of her bad image.

I for example started with 2742 cups and went down to 2599 with my flags this eve. But so what, it was fun anyway.

There was also a lucky victory while testing baby Alfrike.

Now share your nice Telly stuff for a change of her reputation. May it help to get over it.


She’s wrecking the game’s balance, but sure, I’ll play along.

I had great fun wrecking JimMe’s $10,000+ defense with Telluria yesterday.


Daaaaaaamn @Cpt.Ahab calling out the whales!


I posted this a couple of days ago. Goofing off with unemblemed 4 stars, won 2, lost 10 but it was less frustrating than normal.

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Just a minute ago, 5 red tiles matched into diamond all in front of Telluria at the 1st turn :joy:

No question about who won as my Mitsuko fire in the 2nd turn (please fire Vela :laughing:). Done in less than 30 seconds :sweat_smile:


Sounds like an increase to me. Course I’m inebriated and could be wrong.


Maybe that was the point? He didn’t have to do anything (stepped down from the game) to gain cups? :man_shrugging:



Wow, haven’t seen a better board. I would be really surprised if you didn’t win with that.


This comment… So meta…

Defender: Alasie +7, Zim +7, Telly +9, GM +12, Vela +1

Attacked with a reasonable lineup, but as usual board was “nope” (seriously, no matter what I try I get a “cruel joke board” 95% of the time vs Telly)… and lost… so I used my last flag on a out-there blue stack of:

Kiril +9, Vela +6, Sonya C +15, Grimm +15, Miki 3^70

By the second or third turn the game conjured up a 7-tile diamond-maker arrowed right down Telly’s throat. She fired of course, but I was charged too, so Kiril buys a round of drinks for the team, Grimm does a By-Ulf impersonation then stomps Telly, Vela washes away the pesky minions, Sonya C leaves GM weakened while also cleansing the team, then a few more nicely positioned tiles roll over GM. Sure, wasn’t the most strong of opponents, and it was mostly down to the early board and having a wide lane to use early on… but over the fight each hero still played their role with great timing (even Miki had his say vs Alasie and Zim when they were both charged) so it still felt really good.

I’d like to post a victory over Tell or two but I haven’t really recorded the game before. When I use Google Play Games built in recorder it has the controller icon or self camera on the screen which is annoying. What do you use to record?

I use X-Recorder and then upload to Vimeo. But if you are recording a screenshot, it will show everything on the screen including the recording icon like you will see here that gets in my way while power-leveling Telluria in the video below. Mostly, it stays as an orange side-screen pull-out tab.

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I am trying AZ screen recorder right now, it seems to be working without an icon on the screen.

Took Malosi leading an (almost) rainbow gang of fast snipers out yesterday for the first time on a few raids against Telluria. Had a 100% win rate out of 6 flags. Unless yellow tiles are nowhere to be found, Malosi makes Telluria mostly worthless as tank.


She’s not so bad if you get boards like this


Third time was the charm…



That picture is worth two words, mfer!


I’ve had 4 starting boards w 0 on-colour tiles in the last three days - 3 vs Telly tanks and two were in the last war…

I’ve seen such boards before, but they’re (well, used to be) rare


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