[Support Group] Anonymous Bad Hero Ascenders 😉

I am very very worried that the Path of Valor may force me to participate heavily in this thread. In case the, ‘ascend x heroes to the y-th tier’ challenge pops up, I have all of the following parked just below they go to tier 2:

Falcon (duplicate)
Triton (duplicate)
Sonya (duplicate)
Valeria (third)
Morgan le Fay (duplicate)
Joon (duplicate)
Leonidas (duplicate)
Pixie (duplicate)
Seshat (third)
Proteus (fourth)
Rigard (third)
Costumed Rigard (third)

I also have Thorne and Grimble just below the third tier.

Admittedly not all of those are a disaster, but I have no real need of any of them, even at a higher level. That is, I can’t fully ascend the strongest heroes (Morgan, Joon, Leo, and Seshat) anyway, so it’s not as though they can add to my current war teams.

I slightly regret ascending a second Boldtusk. I’m not hurting for the AM’s, but I’ve literally never used him. I would also strip Aegir and re-assign his telescopes to someone else, if I could. I think that’s it, which really isn’t a bad list. But I can’t quite say NO RAGRETS.

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I power leveled Hu Tao for one very fast no purple tourney :joy: and it didn’t even matter

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Low cost but, I have maxed Renfeld, Isshtak and Dawa. Can I join?

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Just about every hero I have.

But waiting for some tweaking of Margaret… she has more potential. Still holding steady at 3.56, until I get bored and feed her some more or until she gets some tweakage.

I like Grimble though. So if he’s bad, he can be bad with me. He is at 4.41. I had the Tabbards and sent them his way based upon his little sparkly special.

I maxed Horghall and even threw an emblem on him.

I use him in my mono green war stack and for class quests. That may change when I finally max (cough cough) Kadilen and Elkanan.

Can you tell I’m (mostly) F2P?

The hero I maxed that never gets used at all is Hu Tao.

Well I guess I qualify because I have a maxed Neith… but I’m in denial, I have no problem here, nope, not at all. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’ll go one step further, I had (and still have) Guin sitting at 3.70… but gave the darts to Neith. I do not regret it. That’s not to say Guin will never be maxed, that’s still undecided actually… but I find Neith quite useful in multiple situations, whereas Guin is one of the better tanks in the game obviously, but just very lackluster outside of defense duty.

It’s funny how I remember early discussions about Neith where she was called OP, and now people are calling for her to be buffed. Since I have her on my roster I would not complain about a buff, but I honestly don’t feel like it’s needed. As she is, I find the combo of blinding and mana stealing frequently effective.

I do also have Agwe, Boomer, and Gobbler, but unleveled. For now… :grimacing:

But my nomination for single most useless hero of all time is still Vlad (except, apparently, for one thing…).


I have a maxed Atomos, don’t regret it, he was the first green 5* I got! Then I have Margaret at 3.70 as she was the next 5* green I got! Also have 2 Thornes sitting at 3.70 with a third at 1.1, I refuse to used Telescopes on him even though Magni is my only fully levelled blue.

I fear my regret list may make me sound like a hero snob, but here goes…

5* heroes:

  1. Kestrel - Sitting at 3.70 for a year. Dude… leering at me like that will NOT get you the rings! Why did I take him to 3.70?
  2. Richard - Leveled him for a blue tank war round. Sadly, he failed me :roll_eyes:
  3. Atomos - But not for the reason you’re thinking. I actually use my Atomos in war hits and quite like him. I would like another 4.80 Evelyn or Lianna more…
  4. Viv - I was so excited to have a 5* healer, but she dies before I can use her. Her saving grace is a corner healer in wars.
  5. Elena - Sitting at 3.70 along with Kestrel. I sometimes catch them fighting like kids over who deserves the rings.

4* heroes:

  1. Gobbler - leveled him (it??) for the Christmas event. Tried to use him but he died. I cried… :worried:
  2. Cat - Ok, maybe I don’t truly regret him ‘cause he’s fun! But I rarely use him. He just sits there giving me the evil eye. It scares me.
  3. Lance, Scarlett and Triton - I really thought I’d use them. They die too fast so I can’t use them in wars. And none of these are really great in 4* raid tournies. Oh well, level and learn… lol

Lol, it was my only yellow 4* for a long time, what a waste! And then i ascended a second one because i had no other yellow to work on. Oh god, i might do something bad to myself now. PTSD all the way. I might need to feed those two


I guess you are right about being a snob, after all :).

Elena and richie are very, very useful and versatile.

Cat is useful on holy titans for high tile damage and -44% def down.

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Neith in your list? You consider Neith a bad hero in the same vein as Atomos and Margaret?

You’ll have to explain that one Olmor. Neith is perfectly fine imo. She’s worse on offense than D but she’s a pretty devastating tank/flank imo

She’s definitely better than Margie, has 3 awesome specials, but not devastating enough for not being a specialist in any of them, since all of her specials are too weak.

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I ascended really good heroes and heroes that now I don’t use anymore… But I still love all my Heroes, from Guin to Danzaburo😊

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I think I should be a honorary chair member of this group with my maxed heroes… By most other players standards my roster of maxed heroes is unexplainable.
Have maxed: Margaret, Perseus, Grimble, Hu Tao, Gobbler, Skittles - such is the life of FTP. Either max what you have or wait endlesly for something nice.

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The game can also be fun with a bunch of weakies imo.

Don’t wait, don’t hesitate, enjoy whatever you have - go straight.

It’s all about believing :alien:


All true what you said… Before the emblem’s Kadilen and Elkanen was creepy heroes😂, now with the emblem’s amazing heroes😉… Many players don’t know when came out Alberich millions of players was saying that not was good😉

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Gobbler, hands down. Only one I completely regret levelling, but greens were hard to come by at the time.

Sure, he has this purported massive hit, but I’ve never seen it. With his 3* defence level, he was down before he had 1/3 mana. When he did hit, it was like, “You call that massive?! It’s like 1% of their HP!!”.

So, no help whatsoever against minions. Sure, he might get them once, but they just fire again immediately after he’s down…

Re the rest of your list, I guess I’ve been lucky. Vivica stays standing most of the time for me, and once I had Lancelot, Scarlett and Triton well emblemed, same. :sweat_smile:


:open_mouth: Alby is def one of my favourites. He’s saved my bacon, how many times…?

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I know😊… Albi still at the end one of the best heroes😉… This was just a example… When came the emblem’s I remembered many players was saying that for Guin was the end… And she still one of the best Tank😉… At the end isn’t so sure the some heroes are so bad (Mok - arr in a mono against the titan is wow😉)

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To those decrying Hu Tao, I disagree. He is amazing in the four star rush tournaments, even those without element restrictions. I personally found him more impactful in those than Colen or Little John (all three have no emblems for me).

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