Support for titan

For yellow titan how to use hero’s … which colour???

Purple deal more damage against yellow, just like yellow against purple.

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An interesting thread here: Titan Attack Fundamentals - (new player Titan guide)

How meny purple hero’s…

How many did you have?
The best would be:

  • a hero who decrease titan’s defense
  • heroes who increase ATK
  • a healer into the mix
  • many strong color heroes

I don’t know your heroes but you could bring, for example:

Boldtusk - Tiburtus - Sabina - Balthazar - Wu Kong

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2x or 3x purple
among them you need tiburtus, others can be your strongest
boldtusk or kiril for heal and att/def buff

4x purple require too many troops and that usually goes with wu kong so that missing colors don;t miss and stun