Support doesn't help me

My “Empires and Puzzles” progress is saved on a Google Play account linked to a instituional e-mail. This e-mail is about to be deleted and the support refuses to help me. It’s unacceptable that there is no solution to this. Google support and the intitute could not help me neither. I need a solution to keep this game progress. The game support keep answering me: “We cannot change an email adress associeted tho your Google Play Games account.” But that is not what I’m asking. I’m asking to change the Google Play account associated to my game progress. My friends are telling me the only way is to export the progress to an IOS. IT’S UNACCEPTABLE THAT I NEED TO BUY ANOTHER CELLPHONE TO PLAY THE GAME.

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Can’t you just change the e-mail in your google play account?

If not do you have a friend with IOS? Maybe you could then transfer to your friends device and then back to your own device under then new Google account.




SG support are surprisingly and promptly helpful imo (just be courteous please?). What can I say about Google? Not so positive, they transposed my game accounts and emails without request. Getting an answer from Google is like trying to get blood out of a stone. My guess it is something that can be done manually, I just don’t know how. Sorry.

Good luck however. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I use iOS.

I am not sure if the same game account can be linked to different email accounts. But …

Try this for Google play :

  1. On the device that you are using, create another Google account with the email that you want to use going forward. Then log out from this account.

Be sure to log back in to your original Google email account.

  1. Then go to the game, log in, check that all is okay. Disconnect game from current (institutional email) Google account. Leave game app open. Don’t close game app.

  2. Then go to your Google play centre, log out from institutional email account. Log into your new Google play email account.

  3. Go back to game. Connect game to new Google play email account.

See if this can be done. If it can be done, your game is now linked to your new game account email.

Monitor your progress. As you play.

Once all is settled, and you think it’s safe (assuming this method works), then go back to Google play centre to delete that “old” Google play centre account.

Hope this method works.


Unhappily this didn’t work, I’ve already tried. Thank you for trying to help me.

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I’ve been trying to get some support out of them for about a week. They just refuse to help me, this is so frustrating.

This does not help, my friend. This tool does not allow my to change my googl eplay e-mail.

This also didn’t work, it says the game progress is already linked to an Android account. Thanks for tryng to help anyway.

You tried following this?

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I talk to them in Helsinki time… They are courteous to a fault and apologised for a misunderstanding. I truly believe they will do their best to help you. Dis’ them and you are on your own

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The reason you are running into issues is probably due to checks they have put in about selling accounts so they don’t want to link to different Google play accounts.

Your best bet might be contacting Google to get them to transfer all your Google play progress to the new email address.

I’m glad they were able to sort you out. Seemed a pretty frustrating situation at the time

It’s not sorted yet but they understand personal circumstances and have left my support ticket open out of courtesy and wished me luck. I find it pretty hard to curse them for being decent. :slightly_smiling_face: Google however…

this cant help me, i’m an android user. i dont want to buy another cellphone just to play

Google cannot do this process. I think I just lose my game progress. Seems that there is no solution

I’m really sorry to hear that. I was using gmail email accounts, both of which are my real name. Maybe that’s how they messed up and transposed accounts related to the emails. In my case I was having serious trouble switching between accounts and in my keyboard mashing managed to swap them.

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