Support account loss too slow

Dear game publisher!
I’m a lost account player on android email. I have reported the error code Support # 131274. But 10 days you have not supported me yet. The reply of the supporter is quite mechanical 3 days I received a generic email support. My error message is as follows:
I moved my account from ios via android. Email transfer is ****
My android account coéponds to my email: *** is level 1 accounr code: #EA16T1, is a new account. Meanwhile, my original IOS account has a level 41 account code: #7RFJR1. I switch from ios to adroid. But when logged into android on *** account is still level 1. I want to completely delete my android account, so that Ios account can regenerate the code and switch again.
Please support me soon so that I can enjoy the game.
Thank you!

Personal information or account information should not be shared here, everyone can read it and possibly abuse that information.

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