Superior wizards VS xiahou dun/Cao Cao. Which dispel mechanic is better?

With superior wizards being active now. I feel that Xiahou Dun and Cao Cao may have lost their edge as superior dispellers.

With tile damage, Super wizards can also bypass taunt and dodge to dispel the enemy, but it’s at a 50% chance. The lack of ready tiles may also be a drawback on top of the 50% chance.

XHD/CC relies on their minions to dispel, as long as the minion survives. However, it is easier said than done

While they’re both useful in breaking down buff heavy defences, who do you think is the better type of dispeller now?

  • Xiahou Dun/Cao Cao
  • Superior wizards

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The event heroes are still better but im quietly chuffed that c Gandalf and reg Kiril can debuff half the time :slight_smile:

It makes me love C Gandalf even more now…vs Tellytubby who is even more of a joke now

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