Superior talent cleric S1 hero's is not working properly

Hey am Thinking its a bugg in the superior talent for clerec hero’s.Its clearly say that it will reflect the mana effects when its wistands but it only do it a change for it not garentee.But in the description for the superior talent it says nothing about its a change it will reflect the effect if faild.So a have already multipele times had that clerec talent did go off but it dod not reflect the mana statuseffect.But also that it do reflected it mana status effect and then it says also when it hapens reflected.But do it not always has to be reflecteding it sinds there its no description off its a change that it will reflect?

Yes, according to this it should always reflect it.

But there are might be cases when it does not do it.
What is the hero where you have noticed this problem ?

Maybe that hero has an innate ability (or by a buff) to mana effects so that as it could not receive any it could not reflect anything.

Also the enemy hero can have innate ability or a buff, which prevents it getting this buff.

So it would be good to have a screenshot of the case when this happens.


Yes a know that other clerec and monks cam resist it or so or effects.But a really mean just in events ore so.Where it monk or clerec class do not exist.Its really a change now because if it do reflect it then its also a little text that pops up when it reflec activates but otherwise it just say withstand but without the extra text pop up.In my case its renfeld costum and kalani regular.Amd yes boulth have 20nodes so the superior Clerc talent activated.

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