Superfast leveling up

Great. Thanks a mil.


Resources will accumulate, but they are immune to raid-loss. I just looked at my tower to see my losses: 9 hours back lost 15k iron and no ham; 8 hours back lost 15k iron and no ham; 7 hours back lost 15k iron and no ham. I can’t clear my iron as I have no use for it, but ham always needed.

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Look at forum “players guides”. There is a thread about things “I wish I knew”. Also, jargon dictionary.


Here’s the basic player guide:

Rook has helpfully compiled a list of essential threads:


If you can’t make mana pots, make rez scrolls or something that uses lots of hams and takes a while to run.


Searching bookmarks

Forgot the most important one:


(The E&P Jargon-Pulverising Fictionary (glossary, definitions, dictionary))

([Guide] “Rage Quit and back again” or How I learned to stop worrying (about 5* s) and Love the 4* s ( told in links )[ 1- 16 months, Manual, Road map])

([Links, Links, Links ] Waiting for 5* heroes or effective use of 4* and 3* Hero teams from Legendary training- Updated 2018-Jun-03)


I am sooo pleased. I have picked a perfect day to visit the site. As I wrote, I wasn’t a really serious player and not really interested in the intricate details, but as I grew more interested, I began to apply more attention. So here I am, after 6-8 months, dollars later, asking “how to play.” THANK YOU GUYS!


There will always be people here to help you.
Just remember: The only stupid question is the one that is not asked :slight_smile:

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Ok there is clearly a method to store up all you farm for a month then, in 15mins splash all the goodies in one go!

I’m interested to know, what’s the average it takes starting from 51/1 with no feeders pre made to 5 4/80.

I’m currently lvling my 4th 5* to max and so far, starting from nothing in the bank when you pull the hero to completion, I’m slowly getting the time down
Onatel 2nd of Jan 1/1 - 4/80 Jan 24th attempt 1, 23days
Misandra Jan 24th 1/1 - 4/80 Feb 11th attempt 2, 18 days
Dom 1st of Mar 1/1 - 4/80 Mar 21st attempt 3, 20days (used more 1* due to tc results)
Ariel 28th of April 1/1 - 3/70 took me 5days 19hrs, she is currently 4/44 after 8days, hopefully will be my new record

This is rainbow feeding everything to the selected 5*, what I’m trying to say, yes it’s not 15mins, but it’s far from the long drawn out process that’s its made out to be.

What I will say, is in the first attempt I was still maxing farms and WT, so there were moments I simply lacked resources not feeders. But if done right you can fast lvl even without preloaded tc’s.

Just chuck everything at that 5* once all the mats are in place, your be surprised at the results, I know I was. Good luck

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What TCs were you running during this time? And did you have feeders from pulls to help you?

I use 2x tc11 1 x tc 20 and 1 flex tc 1 2 3 19, I don’t do that many pulls, 10 each atlantis and my freebie dailys. I use all tokens when I get them.

Update ariel is currently 4/64 10days in


Ok, nice. Thanks. I will try your method sometime. Looks very interesting. :slight_smile:

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I was wrong, ariel is actually 4/68, I underestimated. I’m currently smashing thru season 2 easy, but I’m managing 8hrs overnight tc1 then 8hrs tc2 and the other 8hrs I tc 11 or whatever I can use. With the flex tc

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I generally run 4x tc11, and then if I accumulate some backpacks or rugged clothes, I use on of them on Tc1, 2, or 19. But I only do colour feeding. But it might take a looong time to max my first rainbow 5 star. That’s why thought that your way might be interesting. :slight_smile:


Your Poseidon is a probably the most expensive hero ever. Powerleveling also works with 1 and 2 star feeders.

How many pulls did you do to get 10 Gato, 15 Mnesseus, 20 Dawas and all those other rare feeders?

Yeah I normally always same colour feed when I’m not lvling a 5*, definitely best route to add depth. But occasionally a 5* that really needs to be maxed ASAP crops up, so rainbow feeding to get them done suits me.

Like I say this is only my 4th 5* to go to max. I’ve maxed 18 4* and similar amount of 3*! All same colour feeding.

Just wanted to show that it’s possible to lvl that superstar hero a lot quicker than ppl think


I level up a 5* to 3-70 in an hour. Then I brew up feeders for a few days, and have my 5* maxed and ready for use in around 3-4 days.

I use TC 19, tc 11, and run backpacks in 2 camps. The TC19 and food get me to around 2-60 in an hour. Then I pump out the backpacks.

Everytime you make pulls you can keep the heroes with you even if you reach the cap space… In this case, i kept for like 2 months all the 3* and 4*that i didn’t want for use them in Poseidon…

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Just to keep you up to date!

that’s her complete in just under 12 days


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