Superfast leveling up

I have 4 TCs (the max). Are you suggesting that I upgrade my Houses, in order to store more Recruits, then hold then til I need then?

No. You store recruits in tc11

You store both food and recruits in one or more training camps. Which tc levels you use is the source of many arguments.

The video Zero’s “base reveal” is by a spender who had no tc20. That is not a good idea for free-to-play. I advocate using tc13 for f2p/c2p while leveling all your camps to tc20.

There are many threads discussing various storage methods.


Wait, wait, wait, guys! We are discussing two TOTALLY diff game boards. My Training Camps hold nothing but heroes, 1-3*s. I have Stronghold that has reached its maximum level of 20. My Watchtower is at Level 9 and holds my Food, Iron, and Raid Log. ARE WE PLAYING THE SAME GAME?

You can “store” food in TCs implicitly—when you add recruits, you also put in food. When you decrease the number of trainings, you gain back both food and recruits.

Each TC training level has a different ratio of recruits-to-food, so bycareful shuffling, you can either extract food or recruits (or both) by shifting how many pending trainings you have at different camps.

Example: here’s a camp I’m running at level 2.

So in addition to the 9 uncollected heroes, there are also 125 recruits hanging out here (5 * 25) and 50,000 hams (2,000 * 25). You can have an unbounded number of trainings pending, so you can store an infinite quantity of hams and recruits.


One of the topics to learn how to use TC as banks.


If your watchtower is holding resources, stop!

A watchtower must be cleared of resources everytime you leave the game. You lose resources when raided. The amount lost in a raid is a fixed percentage of what was in the tower when game closed. If there was nothing left when you closed your tower, you could lose nothing to a raider.

Sorry for off-topic.


BTW you can also use a Forge as a short-term food storage if you have enough crafting ingredients. Start making lots of super-mana pots, which will suck doen your ham supplies, if you need to make space for some TC rearrangements. Then cancel all but the last crafting to get (nearly) all back.


That is a sound advice. I have a little “but” tho.

My realm for some midnight roots…


It is not off topic if you use your watchtower’s resources to level heroes. :wink:

I partially disagree with your statement, resources are being gathered no matter if you are online or not, you can leave after clearing the tower, the raiders will have some loot a couple hours later.

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OMG! I never knew all of this. You see, I started out as a casual player, just matching colors I thought. Before long I found my self purchasing to expedite my advancement. Here, today, I have been here 6 months+ and am participating in Titan, Allegiance wars, etc. I have spent a good $500, but don’t know the first thing about the terminology used (tanks,etc.)and don’t know anything about matching my board to take on an opponent. I’m just using a “common-sense” approach, self-taught. It’s working (somewhat). If I could just get hold of a Tutorial.

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You can learn a lot here in the forums if you have the will too do that…

Don’t be afraid to ask, some people are trolls but a majority of us are good neighbors!!!


Great. Thanks a mil.


Resources will accumulate, but they are immune to raid-loss. I just looked at my tower to see my losses: 9 hours back lost 15k iron and no ham; 8 hours back lost 15k iron and no ham; 7 hours back lost 15k iron and no ham. I can’t clear my iron as I have no use for it, but ham always needed.

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Look at forum “players guides”. There is a thread about things “I wish I knew”. Also, jargon dictionary.


Here’s the basic player guide:

Rook has helpfully compiled a list of essential threads:


If you can’t make mana pots, make rez scrolls or something that uses lots of hams and takes a while to run.


Searching bookmarks

Forgot the most important one:


(The E&P Jargon-Pulverising Fictionary (glossary, definitions, dictionary))

([Guide] “Rage Quit and back again” or How I learned to stop worrying (about 5* s) and Love the 4* s ( told in links )[ 1- 16 months, Manual, Road map])

([Links, Links, Links ] Waiting for 5* heroes or effective use of 4* and 3* Hero teams from Legendary training- Updated 2018-Jun-03)


I am sooo pleased. I have picked a perfect day to visit the site. As I wrote, I wasn’t a really serious player and not really interested in the intricate details, but as I grew more interested, I began to apply more attention. So here I am, after 6-8 months, dollars later, asking “how to play.” THANK YOU GUYS!


There will always be people here to help you.
Just remember: The only stupid question is the one that is not asked :slight_smile:


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