Superfast leveling up

I come across lots of high leveled players who have (obviously) 5 times a 5* heroe in their lineup.
How is it possible there are players who have the 5* heroe of the month fully maxed out after 3 weeks or so?
For me it takes months to max out a 5*.
Even with all the ascension materials, it takes al LOT of time to gather all the smaller heroes to train this 5* heroe.
Anyone knows what’s their trick?


Train a lot of feeder heroes in your four training camps. Especially level 2, 11 and 19


They can do it in a few minutes really. The key is spending money, playing a long time and hoarding.

Zero leveling from 0 to max in a few minutes:




Just keep your feeder heros in your training camps till you need them, no spending required. I leveled Ariel from 0 to 3/70 at one time and it was only a few days worth of feeder heros from level 2 training camps.


By the way it takes an enormous amount of ham to pull off. I wait till my food storage is full and my food silos turn yellow for max ham when i do that.


It doesn‘t require any money. Just long range planning…


For a single shot you are right, but these guys do it just about every month, sometimes more than one a month. That requires $$ for the mats.


At this point in the game, I can speed level 1 5* a month in about 30 minutes. I have over 1000 feeders stored in my training camps, 70+ grey summon tokens, and 180 days of tc 20 food and recruits stored. If you are an end game player, it’s not about spending money, it is just about being prepared for when you pull the next hero you want to level. I have enough mats already to level any color except blue right now because I used them on Frida at the beginning of this month.


This is the TRUEST comment I’ve read.

That’s not true! The ones you are referring to are spending big$. yes, you can do it for free the hard way, by training and leveling up, but I warn you will need SEVERAL Training camps! And even then you’ll mostly get 1s. Try leveling up a 5 with one of those and youll discover you will need about 10 per point!

I dont know what you‘re talking. My statement is true to a 100%. Of course you want all 4 camps to do it and you need backpacks, recruits, swords and stuff. You get all this on the map.

Instead of leveling up a 5* in a month you start saving all those ressources and DO NOT Pick up feeders from your 4 tc‘s. That means you don‘t level anything for a month (or longer). Then you get the hero you want. :boom: Bam unleash all feeders and trainers and voila…
Absolutely NO money needed…


Like I said, aaaarduous, arrrrduous, aaaaaar… I thought the guy was inquiring about FAST Leveling!

I maxed my new hansel(so hot) in 4 days. Its possible for sure to max a 5 in 3 weeks

Fast leveling is exactly what I just described…
And the same can be seen on the video. Nothing special about it

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Mathematically it is true, with two caveats. If you regularly place in the # 1 spot for events or if you are more ungodly lucky on drops than anyone I have ever heard of.

To level 1 5 star requires 1 dblade and 1 tome. Those drop once every 10 weeks or so on a rare quest. From there the math is easy, you can do 5 a year from those and you may get lucky enough to do a 6th from drops. To do 12 a year is 2x that. hence you are buying mats.

And this is backed up by the handful of people I know that do this, they all admit to buying many of the offers that have dblades and tomes.

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I have a video here somewhere maxing Frida in the 1st day in 15 minutes…

Point 1: Store food in TC20
Point 2:Keep all the heroes you gain from silver tokens in your team even after they exceed your limit
Point 3: Have a non stop TC11 for some days without touching
Point 4: Have the mats to the hero of your choice
Point 5: Keep the training heroes too
Point 6: Level up your hero in 15 minutes


I rest my case. And to the player inquiring about speedy level ups, I feel you. I have quite a few 5s. Leveling them up takes stategy + $

Worth noting. Thank you! As you may tell, I am just as inquisitive as the player asking for the tip.

Won’t you find it and post it, pleeez?

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