Super Titans

This topic has been discussed in the past and SG told us they are working on super titans and I just wanted to know how far along the development is on this feature.

I know the devs are busy with Season 2 and lots of people prefer to see that first (so please, don’t start about it in the comments), But more and more alliances at the top are starting to beat 10* back to back…
Just now we beat a 10* Onyx in 31 minutes, WITHOUT using flasks. There is not much of a challenge there anymore.
@Petri, could you give us an estimate on when they will come? And do you have to roll it out for the entire game? Or can you do it for the top 50/100/500 first like with AW?

Love the game still! Keep up the good work, SG!
TheChef, 7DD

I couldn’t agree more. I would love to see super titans sooner than later, but at this point I would be just as happy if they scaled the current titans up at least a few more levels, and there is no way that would take very much development time.