Super Titan Warriors has an opening

Hey Gang! If you are looking for a fun group that helps each other, is supportive and has a good time… Come check us out. We take down 8-9 star titans and would love for you to come and join us. We do not care as much about how many trophies you have, nor how strong your defense team is… We just ask that you hit/participate as much as possible and grow with us. We are active in chat, but it is not a requirement. You can lurk and join in when you feel like saying hi.

We are a very active alliance. Please consider giving us a try.

I’m very interested I’m in an alliance at the moment who has leaders who don’t participate half the time I’m looking for a more proactive team I litterally log on seven to ten times a day kind of addicted you could say I have built a decent team but am now spinning my wheels waiting for ascension items from Titans we never seem to kill

I understand your frustration. We are currently have an opening and would love to have you. You have some great hereos.

We have a single opening!! Please check us out.